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Historically, I experience a summer slow-down in blog views. It’s that time of year again. I’m also tired of late and working on other things. Yesterday, I took a great little mini vacation. I had a great time.

This morning, recovering, I looked at the news; it seems like the whole world is coming unglued. It isn’t, any more than usual, but it looks very bad. I don’t know if my following list provides perspective or not, but here it is.

Neither of these men needed to be or deserved to be gunned down.

There is no war on the police, per se, though there easily could be.

“Blowback” is a real thing.

There are 14 other occupations in America more lethally dangerous than being a police officer. Some are many times more dangerous. Logging is a dangerous job.

The cops are not out to murder blacks, per se, though it certainly seems like it.

The cops kill more whites every year than blacks. It’s the percentages and perceptions that drive BLM. You really can’t blame them, though…

Statistically speaking in terms of homicides, black people represent the largest danger to other black people.

A glance and a search around the internet will reveal more than a few whites being beaten, tazed, harassed, and killed by the cops – for nothing.

Still, white people are most dangerous to other white people.

There are criminals out there but most “crime” in America shouldn’t honestly be classified as such.

There are many bad apples in the barrel but many police officers are just plain people doing a job the best they can.

Too many people, of all colors, professions, etc., are killed all the time for essentially nothing. This should really end.

A murderer is a murderer, even if he wears a special costume and a badge.

It’s wrong to murder anyone, even if they’re wearing a badge.

America is a safer place now than it has been in decades. One wouldn’t think that given all the news of murders, hatred, and terrorism. It’s the speed of the reporting and all the camera phone.

The instant and constant reporting is new to human history.Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it will help stamp out the last vestiges of violence and stupidity.

Different peoples are different. That’s why they’re different peoples.

Most people, despite being different, are really almost all the same on a day-to-day and individual to individual level. Most get along pretty well together.

Most individuals are, all in all, fairly decent.

Groups of people start having problems.

Many (maybe even a majority of) Americans, regardless of age, sex, race, income, geographical location, etc., have a really hard time properly operating a motor vehicle.

Those groups of individuals who, as groups, start to have problems, resort to government as a solution to their problems.

Government never has any solutions.

Government, once it takes hold, gains a life of its own, a life of dominance and control.

If the government can’t find a problem to not solve, it will create one. Or a hundred.

Certain little elite numbers of people and institutions traditionally seize on government power to further their own interests.

These elites are highly effective in plotting different people (or even similar people) against each other. This creates an atmosphere of fear and chaos which greatly assists the perception that more law may be the answer. It’s a self-sustaining machine, very expensive and very dangerous.

Many turn a blind eye to all of the above (unless it directly affects them) not because they are stupid, but because they would rather concentrate on the more pleasant, even trivial aspects of life. Understandable. Some are just stupid. Others are lazy. Again, the cameras and phones may help clarify or cure some of this.

“On the street” blacks and whites tend to look and behave mostly the same to me.

Many blacks and whites “on the street” irritate the hell out of me (if I let them).

I have a lot of friends, white and black. I’m rather fond of them.

There are other colors than black and white. The same rules generally apply to them as well.

For my own trivial pursuits, I like football. It’s getting really difficult to watch the average game; I keep waiting and waiting (usually until the end of the fourth quarter) for the football to break out of the otherwise ridiculous circus side-show.

A small group of bankers long ago discovered how to completely control government. Government long ago discovered how to completely control the people. Both groups have done a remarkably good job for themselves. Kudos to them (and damn them). All of this is mostly done in the open. Oddly, the people still haven’t figured it out. Shame on them (and hopes they will yet wake up).

Mencken wrote about imaginary hobgoblins. They still don’t exist for the most part. Some, however, have actually come to life. ISIS comes to mind.

Banning guns won’t help blacks, most cops, or anyone else. These things are just tools. It makes as little sense as banning chain saws to “help” loggers.

Gun bans don’t work. Neither to wars. That is unless by “work” one means “help the government become even stronger and more dangerous”. Then, they work great.

People like James Pearce and Gersh Kuntzman denounce and blame ordinary persons for committing imaginary crimes and for being “nuts” in the criminally, nutty manner possible. This isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black. This is a case of psychopathic lunatics trying to project their own illnesses onto the general population. What happened to the asylums?

This rant went on a little longer than I intended. I’ll stop it now.