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Though the Bangladeshi government denies it, ISIS is has claimed responsibility for the Dhaka restaurant attack Friday. The Bangabhaban seems to think the terrorists were part of a local radical group. Having copied U.S. corporate styles, ISIS likes to outsource their work so it could have been both.

Today in Baghdad a truck bombing killed 115 people. That was undoubtedly the work of ISIS; it happened on their home turf. Are we all Iraqis now? Are we Baghdad strong? Do members of Congress plan a sit-in to draw attention to the need to ban trucks?

As these attacks happened far, far away from the blessed shores of Columbia, most Americans likely won’t pay them much notice. Too far from home in untrendy places.

How about New York City? It’s pretty close to home and, according to Madison Avenue, it’s the trendiest place on earth. This morning a young man lost a foot when he stepped on an explosive device. Some thought it was a bomb, others assumed it was a fireworks accident. The police don’t seem sure about either possibility. “‘The explosion could have been an experiment with fireworks or homemade explosives,’ said Counterterror Chief John O’Connell. ‘We do not have any evidence of a constructed device or commercial grade fireworks. We believe this could have been put here as some sort of experiment.'”

They didn’t find labels or other material to readily identify it as a product of Black Cat or General Dynamics so it’s some sort of experiment. Who conducts such experiments and why? Two groups come to mind – prankster a-holes and terrorists. Given the terror trend of late, I’d go with the latter group (though it is possible there are rogue prankster terrorists out there).

The bombs used in the Boston Marathon attacks were allegedly manufactured out of fireworks and pressure cookers – an experiment, if you will. The physical evidence there was rather lacking as were witnesses, who were either killed by the police or whisked away rapidly into someone’s custody. Still there is a precedent; it is possible to cook up a homemade device using fireworks or any of dozens of chemicals and materials available at Home Depot.

They are saying this incident or experiment looks like a freak accident. They also said WTC 7 had collapsed half an hour before it actually did.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.