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Stephan Pastis nails it today:

Pearls Before Swine, June 27, 2016.

In your ridiculous fantasy, you hope what comes next doesn’t suck. That is the essence of politics. Might as well vote for Rat.


Viernheim Shooting Update – I’m letting this one go – STILL NO WORD! But, I found a slight description of the shooter in a German news interview. The official story is that the shooter was a “native” German, a disturbed man probably not a terrorist. Given the huge number of “refugees” and other non-Germans in Germany it’s very likely the shooter may have been a “German” of non-German descent. A witness/hostage said the attacker spoke “broken German”:

The Waffen-man holed up, takes hostages. Almir Halilovic (16) was one of them: “The perpetrator surprised us on the toilet, spoke broken German. He hissed to us: ” Sets you go if you value your lives! ” We were about 17 hostages “.

Maybe the shooter’s German was broken by his excitement. Or maybe it was the best he could muster given his foreign disposition. If he was a second of third or whatever generation immigrant “national”, he probably came from … wait and think … fill in the blank non-Western, probably Muslim country. Is that what they’re trying to hide? The local press should re-interview the hostages and ask them if the nut looked like a native German or if his broken German had any particular accent of if he mentioned Allah. I’m sure the police will come on out with all this information anytime now.