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Everyone has a list of things they’ve done and of things they didn’t do. Some inspire regret, others thanks to God. Here’s a short, little list of things I could have done but didn’t and my current thoughts thereon.

I …

Could have worked in Antarctica – I saw this ad during college for a seasonal support job waaaaaay down south. I think it involved bulldozer operating and bar tending. I probably should have done that. Then again I probably would have mixed the jobs together with disastrous consequences…

Could have joined the Neocons – There was a time when I was heavily connected to the Washington power machine. I knew a lot of the right people and was in a lot of the right places. (I had a bad habit of saying the wrong things though). If I had joined up I’d probably be in the running to become Trump’s AG. That, or I’d be the fall guy in prison for something. So glad I did not follow through; my conscious kept bothering me.

Could still be working as a staff attorney and maybe teaching part-time – It’s a mixed bag of thoughts. What a great job I had some 10 – 12 years ago! There was all kinds of room for opportunity but I’m not sure it was the right kind. Everything happens for a reason. I’ll confine that era to the happy memories.

Could have worked for Hammer Strength – After college I could have applied to work in sales for this renowned exercise equipment maker. It would have been fun at least for a while. These days I make use of their products so I suppose it all worked out (get it????)…

Could have headed to the hills – North Carolina, New Hampshire, The Black Hills, the Rockies. I headed to ’em and headed back many times. Higher elevations, cool weather, and free-flowing water always agree with me. I’m still headed that way. Someday.

Could have gone to MSU or to UVA – I did UGA instead. What a lovely alphabet soup I have. I wonder if things might have been different. It could be that I would have just chased beer and drank girls (?) in a different town… Athens was fun, I think…

Could have been more serious/in-tune about college – Oh well.

Could have been an Administrative Law Judge – That would have been a cushy and somewhat fun job. It also might have been like working in an insane asylum.

Could have tried to brew my own beer – I regret that one but it’s still not too late. “Anarchy Brewing” anyone?

Could have watched football while smoking a cigar at Edward’s – Okay, I did:


Could have produced more blog and books and such – Well, there’s this and I’m slow. Just wait.