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Summertime is almost here … officially. It’s felt like summer in the South for a good month now. Welcome, rest of the country; glad you could join us. The thermometer has been flirting with 100 lately but tonight there is a strange yet welcome cool breeze blowing. I’m out back listening to the crickets and other vocal bugs. The bats are out, wheeling around in search of dinner. Lightning bugs. A few stars.

The news has been a little heavy lately. Allow me to suggest a few fun ways to enjoy summer and temporarily forget about the ills of the world. A little list:

  1. Sit outside. Day or night. I’m out right now; it’s nice. By the way, a cigar is a natural mosquito repellent – fear no Zika.
  2. Exercise. Summer is a great time to shape up or maintain. Just remember the water.
  3. Take a road trip. I’m on the road a lot this season. Please just remember to drive attentively, with courtesy for the other guy.
  4. The beach. Sand castles. Swimming. Sun burns. A family favorite. My daughter is there right now … lucky. Okay, I was just there too.
  5. The mountains. My favorite place any season. It’s always a little cooler and slower at higher elevations. Take a hike!
  6. Visit a small, local amusement park – like Tweetsie.
  7. Go fishing. Have fun. Relax. Bring home something to fry up. That, or bring back lies…
  8. Take the family to the gun range. Send a picture to your Congressman. Remember the four cardinal rules of safety, please.
  9. Turn off the television. Leave it off. It’s poison.
  10. Read a book. I’m working on a few for this summer. They will be great reads, beach or hills. One will even be a comical work of psuedo-fiction. Buy multiple copies…
  11. Write a book. Or a blog. A letter. Anything. Tell us what you think.
  12. Take a little break – from everything. It’s the “lazy days” – it’s okay.


I’ll be back soon with more hard-hitting information. Have a great almost-summer evening.