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Sometimes seemingly unrelated things intersect in the most interesting ways – even things based in fantasy. Sometimes those things, together, come to life with consequences, expected or not.

Donald John Trump will be the Republican nominee for President and very likely will be the next occupier of the White House. While I find this ultimate prospect more palatable than another Clinton Presidency (much like preferring to drop a 70-pound dumbbell on the foot as opposed to a 75…), I fear his slogans and “plans” are but smoke and mirrors. Team Trump is a cavalcade of insiders, the same sort of connected, globalist types who have helped ruin our nation and the western world. There is little chance they will reverse course with The Donald. Belief in the contrary is adoption of fantasy. (I pray I am all wrong here – let’s see circa 2019 or so.)

“ISIS” is probably about as real as “al qaeda” – both likely joint CIA/Israeli/MI-6 projects. Just as Trump stirs up nationalism, patriotism, conservatism, etc., so ISIS stirs up the various and many radicals of the Islamic world. So it is that ISIS can herald June the “month of conquest and jihad” against the West. “…ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani called on jihadists to ‘get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for nonbelievers…especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.'” It’s Ramadan but who knew we already had a caliphate?

There will be muslim terror attacks – there always are. But, they have less to do with the fiction of ISIS than with the incredible stupidity and tolerance of apparently suicidal westerners.

The attacks for the caliphate have already started … on June 3rd … in California … at a Donald Trump rally. The merger of fictions.

Trump rallies naturally attract Trump supporters. They also bring out of the sewers an odd mix of protesters – communists, crazies, and (now) angry jihadis.

A poster on Twitter who identifies as a Black Muslim man claims to have been the person seen on news video chasing and tackling a young white male Trump supporter following a Trump rally in San Jose Thursday. Using the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, the man posted the news video and retweeted congratulations on his chasing and tackling the Trump supporter.

  • The Gateway Pundit, June 3, 2016


Tolerance and diversity in action, folks.

From the video and photo evidence it seems the young white man was among fellow Trumpers discussing politics with a group of protesters. All seemed well, if pointless. Then, for some reason the young man was chased away and down by Houdini the jihadi. It was a rather pathetic take-down though Houdini saw fit to brag about it on social media. He also posed for a picture with other lowlifes atop someone else’s car:

Sizzle seyf on police car ap via abc news

This is much better than King George.

There has been no word yet as to when the warrants will issue for Houdini’s arrest. History cautions against the holding of one’s breath.

Houdini is a Somali “refugee” who now infests Minnesota, American Caliphate. He’s also trolling the single’s scene on-line:


Looks like quiet the catch, ladies. Gentlemen? Goats???

Several things can be learned from this pitiful incident. First, Trump attracts nuts of all stripes. Second, ISIS may not exist but low-brow terrorism abounds nonetheless. Third, avoid these groups if at all possible. Lastly, if you find yourself confronted by an angry savage or any other type of attacker, DO NOT RUN. Running only triggers a primal instinct to chase and attack further. Houdini could have been easily dropped with two dozen or more simple techniques. I could have rendered him anywhere from scared to mutilated in under five seconds.

The sources may be fictitious though the consequences might become real. We can use real solutions to these problems. We can “make America great again” and destroy “the Caliphate” by standing and fighting.