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This is blog post number 500! The four-year anniversary is approaching – on June 24th. I’m planning some sort of digital party. I’m also planning more and better platform modifications here. I thank you all for your support over these formative years.

500 posts is huge. Most “blogs” peter out after a dozen or so posts. I’ve taken some lengthy breaks but I have always come back stronger than before. There have been continuous updates here since January of 2015.

There are two ways to search my archives:

  1. The Sidebar Archives

If you happen to know when the article you want came out, check with the monthly archives, as pictured here:


If you’re in the mobile version, scroll to the bottom of any page and select the traditional site. Note: on a mobile device, the regular version is skewed – the sidebar is down at the bottom.

2. “Search”

I cover many different topics here. WordPress does a great job indexing. Just type what you want in the “Search” box and related pieces will appear in chronological order:


Search and “Go”. Very easy and effective.

Thank you again for everything. I’ll see you for the anniversary, number 600 and, eventually, post 1000!