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James Altucher is a genius or at least he keeps coming up with great ideas. He’s not afraid to act on them either, though he seems to keenly understand the importance of timing.

I highly recommend you read his lengthy article, How To Quit Your Job the Right Way, April, 2016. The initial concept is that sooner or later your employer won’t need you (or won’t be in business) and it is best to diversify yourself before a layoff comes along. He delves into personal solutions for numerous modern problems – the changing/declining economy, escaping debt slavery, working smarter, and pursuing passions. He also goes into idea creation and networking.

James and one of his great books. Forbes.com.

James on the 80/20 rule at work:

The 80/20 rule refers originally to the fact that 20% of the seeds planted in a garden will result in at least 80% of the flowers that eventually blooming the garden.

It’s applied to every area of life. 20% of employees do 80% of the work.

20% of your customers, will result in 80% of your profits.

20% of your studying will result in 80% of what you remember.

And so on.

But what if you square it. So 20% of 20% of what you do will result in 80% of 80% of what you value.

So 4% of your work will result in 64% of the value.

Square it again. 1% of your work will result in 48% of the value.

This is the rule I like. 1% of the seeds planted in the garden will result in almost 50% of the flowers that will bloom.

This is how I know I can do many 2 week experiments to see what will eventually work in my life.

Instead of wasting my time on going out at night or watching TV I can take some days to start these two week experiments.

I wonder if you are like me. If you take certain stories. Certain questions. Squirrel them a way into your soul so you can peek at them later.

Let mystery wink at you.


But here’s the real important thing to remember: networking compounds.

If I meet you today, I know you forever. And you might even tell others about me. Some will. Some won’t.

Do that every day and over years, your network becomes huge.

I am the worst networker possible. I am shy. I don’t cold call people. I am nervous meeting people.

But over years it’s compounded. Do favors for people. Introduce people in your network.

The value in your network is not the list of people you know, it’s the list of connections between all of those people.

That’s how you make networking exponentially powerful instead of linear.

The more people you can introduce to each other, the more value you bring.

I found this to be one of his more inspiration articles in a long, deep line of inspirations. Give the full article a read and then check out some of his books. Start with Choose Yourself.

No, I was not paid for this plug. I’m just passing on great information.