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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a.k.a. The Nation’s Report Card, is out for 2015. The new results are as bad as any of recent years and many a little worse. American government school 12th graders made no improvements in reading and dropped two points in math since 2013. The Assessment also shows the 12th graders are down two points in college readiness – only 37% possess the proficiency necessary for college, down from 39%. Read more here.


This comes after decades and decades of government “reforms” in education. The people at the NAEP, the U.S. Department of Education, and others are dying to know why the reforms aren’t working.

The answer is simple: they are. They are doing exactly what they were designed to do. They are engines providing countless jobs for people with no interest or ability to educate the young and they are wasting money as through after-burners. They have also succeeded in dumbing down our children or a large part of them.

If one is interested in helping children learn one needs to dispense with the ideas of school reform and with compulsory education. Bright students will learn regardless. Others, not so bright, will not learn beyond a base level no matter how much money and how many educrats are thrown at them. The majority in the middle need a little push to help them go as far as they will. Our schools cannot provide anything to help any of these groups. The schools should be abolished.

Freedom from a doomed system is why home schoolers and independent learners consistently score off the charts in all categories. The proof of the doomed part is exhibited every time a national report card comes out. Watch; in another two years these trends will continue unabated, regardless of current or future reforms. It will continue until the system is abolished or disintegrates under its own weighty mediocrity. If your child is one of the bright learners, he will succeed no matter what. The other groups will continue to lose ground. All would benefit from real education and real freedom.