This review follows on the heels of last week’s take on the Nestor Miranda Collection Marduro. Today I picked out a lovely Gordo Habano. I visited the tobacconist shortly after one of my most intense workouts in a very long time. No need to wait til tomorrow to be sore – I felt it in the gym… Even my taste buds were tired so I retreated to the house for several hours of rest, protein, water and pain pills. Post recovery I engaged the Habano.


Like what I did with the shrub there?

As one can see from my picture the Habano is flawlessly constructed (a few small veins near the cap). It is less oily and lighter in hue than its cousin. The burn and smoke is perfect. The ash is tight and light gray and holds beyond an inch with ease. The binder and wrapper are both Nicaraguan while the insides are Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Brazilian. The draw and burn are perfect.

This beauty is, to me, a tad milder than the Maduro – medium bodied and smoother. It has a hint of the earthiness but with a more woody (good like cedar) overtone. There is still a good deal of pepper though not to the point of being “spicy”.

Despite lacking any native elements the Habano exudes a more … island-like experience. Think of it as a slightly more relaxed or refined smoke – an educated tough guy, if you will.

While I remain partial to the Maduro I would definitely recommend this stick to anyone, especially those who occasionally depart their mild haunts for a little excitement. Nestor does it again. Two lighters up.