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This evening I raise a toast to my friend Nestor Miranda in celebration of his excellent tobacco work. Specifically, I praise his “new” red labeled Maduro. Mine is a 6×60 Gordo. In a word: magnificent!

This baby came along late in 2014 or early 2015. The new collection replaced the already stellar Special Selection line – a favorite of mine. My Maduro, filled with¬†Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican goodness, is bound by Esteli’s finest and wrapped in a beautiful dark Connecticut leaf. A work of art indeed. In fact, this was one smoke that required a lengthy visual examination prior to lighting in order to appreciate the high quality craftsmanship. The Maduro is also joined by a Connecticut and a Habano.

Nestor Miranda Collection

A tempting trio. Halfwheel.

The construction is flawless. Whenever I pick up a stick I do a little squeeze test so as to predict the draw. This big boy was a little tight. I am happy I disregarded my index finger’s assessment and trusted to Nestor’s brilliance. The draw is perfect, effortless. And, I have seen and smoked very few cigars that burn as evenly and as cleanly as this one. I’ve been working slowly at it for about thirty minutes and, to show, I have about an inch of whitish gray ash as uniform as could be imagined.


My Gordo prior to the fire.

The taste is superb. It definitely recalls the notes and character of the old line. This Gordo is medium bodied (maybe leaning towards the heavy side of medium) and the smoke is simply delightful. Oddly, this cigar would make just about any veteran happy and, at the same time, not make a newbie ill or regretful. There is Nicaraguan earthiness and leather aplenty to satisfy my base cravings. For me that alone would suffice. However, to be a little technical, I’m picking up terrific light peppery hints and maybe a velvet like coffee essence.

We all know I don’t have a rating system but, if I did, this is the part where I would call up five stars, a 90-something, two thumbs up, or something similarly exemplary. Let me just say it is damn good!

Nestor with a 250 pound Perrin (yeah, don’t miss that), circa 2010. Think that was a Special Selection Gordo in my hand.

Hats off to one of the baddest men in the tobacco business! A classic is reborn in astounding splendor. Put down the computer and get ye to the nearest tobacconist.