People continue to amaze me with what amazes them about me. Here’s a short list of things folks (even those who know me well)  can’t believe or don’t want to believe when it comes to Perrin.

I don’t vote. I used to but I gave up on fairy tales. Three reasons: 1) I’m an anarchist, 2) I’m a neutral (hehe) political commentator, 3) it’s pointless.

I’m an anarchist. Really. I want no form of government anywhere near me. You can keep whatever you like, just keep it away from me. Bonus reason: I have been DEEP into the inner workings of government and seen what it really is – Satanism made visible. No thanks.

I don’t watch television. I have favorite shows but they’re from the 60s – 80s. I will watch golf or football or a John Wayne movie if I happen to catch one and have the time. I regularly miss entire series, whole runs of shows everyone is supposed to watch. I don’t miss them.

I don’t like (most) movies. They stink and I don’t have time. I do want to see the new Batman flick though….

I will watch any manner of entertainment my daughter directs me to. Wrapped around her finger I am.

I’ve never had to discipline my daughter. Sometimes it is the other way around. She’s perfect, I’m not. Odd, yes.

I dislike most fiction. A few classics I reread now and again. The rest generally pales in comparison to my own reality. Why bother?

I love solitude. Never once have I been lonely. Yes, I enjoy a variety of human interactions, but not nearly as much as my quiet time.

I do not play the lottery. I can add.

I don’t play games.

I can walk right up and pet just about any animal. No, your dog won’t bite me. I have an effect.

When even moderately healthy I am immune to microbes and most toxins.

I’d rather wake up early than stay up late. Really, I enjoy both.

I despise telephones. Or, at least, talking on them.

I’d prefer a cheap cigar over a cheap beer.

No, I really don’t want to go to that restaurant/mall/concert/stadium/church/any other crowded place.

These are but a glimpse of the Perrindox. I’m like an onion, healthy but I make one cry. Or, is it the layers? Eh? Hmmm.


My frog is smarter than your candidate, more interesting than your television hero.