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By now even a blind and deaf man knows an election is brewing – the stench is overwhelming. The same old stupidity is on display from the two major parties. Under the watchful eye of the globalist banking masters the arrogant entertain the ignorant. Big statements and big promises for small minds. T’was enough to make a fish stare.

Team Democrat is preparing for the coronation of Her Magesty, Qween Hillary. The esteemed Mrs. Clinton soundly defeated the Old Commie Coot in South Carolina. Bernie should count himself lucky he hasn’t been found dead in a state park.

The Republican clown show rolls on. Donald Trump now looks so dominant the corporate handlers are considering a little science fiction in order to keep things interesting until the convention.

In three paragraphs I’ve just given the Republicrats more recognition than they deserve for their collective efforts over the past four decades. In terms of civil society they just don’t matter. Nothing they are or offer favors the free people or the notions of happiness and freedom.

Alternatives do exist, of course, for those still dedicated to the system. The Libertarian Party represents the biggest and best substitute for the lies and deceptions of big two. Theoretically the LP is the only viable option for Constitutional fidelity. It has but two drawbacks. First, at this late hour, it is pointless. Getting 1 – 2% of the popular vote is a lost cause, however noble. Second, the LP stands for organized government, albeit a smaller version. Government is never a good idea and it never stays small – consider our grand experiment of 1776. Still, if I voted, I would probably vote Libertarian.

The LP hosted a debate last night. I didn’t watch and I can’t find (easily) any transcripts. The best I could (easily) come up with is a record from the Massachusetts debate from last November. For laziness sake I’ll just focus on the first question: the role of the President and the roll of America’s military.

For comparison purposes remember that the Dems and the GOP view the military the same way. For them it is both the best way to forcibly advance the financial interests of their masters and the ultimate tool to silence dissent. Dems see it also as a jobs program, Republicans as a jingoistic rallying cry. All of this is fake. The last Republican candidate with any actual military service, Hon. Ron Paul, was effectively ridiculed out of the party.

The libertarian position is different, seeing the military for what it really is – a violent last resort against invasion, with not much legitimate use beyond.

Front-runner Gary Johnson did not attend the Mass. debate. His stance however mirrors those articulated. Also, winning the LP nomination is akin to winning the Par Three contest before the Masters. It’s fun but doesn’t count for the Tournament.

The military role …

Steve Kerbel answered: “As we all know, we should not be the police of the world. As we all know, many of the problems that we’re facing is because we intervened in other country’s sovereignty and so we need to stop doing that. And so, the way we do that with the military is that you start cutting expenses right off the bat.”

He concluded, “So, you know, it takes a reduction. It takes a focused effort. But it has to be towards liberty and staying out of everyone else’s business. That’s the best way to save money.”

The modern military costs A LOT of money. It takes money (from us) to make money for the Banksters (at our expense). Darryl Perry took Kerbel’s reduction concept further:

In regards to how big should the military be, there should be no standing army. So ultimately, we would get to a U.S. military of zero people.” I’ll wait a second for my Republican readers to put their heads back on …

The standing army concept was greatly feared by the Founders. They wrote and rallied against it. The appropriation text of Article One of the Constitution was drafted to limit the existence of the military. Outside of wartime this is how the Old Republic operated for 150 years. Somehow, except for those wartimes, things were fine.

Marc Feldman continued: “The goal in my administration is to bring power back to the individuals. Admiral Mullen, retired former member of the joint chiefs said that we need to address the number one national security issue for the United States which is our national debt.”

These are all admirable and sane, if unpopular opinions. That, in a nutshell, is the LP – sane but far outside the mainstream. Such opinion is dangerous to the moneychangers. They stand to lose their lifestyle of easy domination if ever freedom and responsibility return to politics. Those who stand to gain the most, the American people, sadly just aren’t that interested.

My interest here is purely academic. For those involved just remember there are always other, better possibilities.