Yesterday I, like millions of others, awoke to the marvelous spectacle of a winter wonderland. I read of my northern kin buried up to their eyeballs in snow, of snarled highways and crippled cities. Such was not the case in the heart of Dixie.

In my neck of the woods we endured but half an inch of the white stuff. It was the fine powdery kind better suited to the slopes of Colorado than the hills of Georgia. Usually we have little winter precipitation and our fare is generally a mass of solid ice good for wrecking cars and snapping power lines and not much else.

This time the event was terrific. I declare the great Saturday snow of 2016 the perfect winter weather phenomenon.

A light dusting fell from just after midnight until the late morning. Flakes, small and large, rained slowly through temperatures just cold enough to ensure their accumulation. The one salt truck in my county sufficed to keep the roads navigable. A cloud of fog provided the sense of bluster and cold. Perfect.

Noon heralded the coming of the sun. By mid afternoon nothing remained of the snow. In all a few blissful hours were given for the delight of the young and the gripe of the old.


For my part I crafted a snowman hood ornament. Sadly, he did not long outlive my Joya Red before returning to the atmosphere from whence he came.


Downtown I observed the beauty of nature without the hassle.


The falling flakes as seen by an old street light.

Greater accumulation has been noted before. Colder air has been felt. Yet, no other half day has been as convenient or as fun. Thanks be to God for a wonderful winter break!