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Last night Hussein Obama gave what (Lord be praised) should be his final state of the Empire address to Congress. Per my usual abstinence I did not watch the presentation. I stopped watching during the stuttering, mumbling days of W. It’s a decision I have never regretted. There is always a news story the next day with highlights (lowlights?) or even transcripts if needed.

This morning I reviewed the New York Times version of the event. Nothing really jumped out at me as particularly important or impressive. It seemed like the ordinary list of hollow platitudes and promises mixed with Obama’s usual “look at me” self-lauding. It was harmless if pointless. Nothing truthful was told about the state of the Union as required by the Constitution. This is most forgivable as the Constitution was long since abandoned by Washington. Further, the remains of the Old Republic are not worth reporting on anymore.

Presidents often play stupid tricks at these spectacles both to build applause among the gathered rodent corpses and to wow the ever-gullible television audiences. Obama’s trick last night involved the gallery seating on either side of the First Lady. To her right was an empty seat which somehow represented the victims of gun crimes. This meaningless charade built on Hussein Obama’s last speech about whittling away the Second Amendment. Maybe the seat was reserved for an actual victim whom could not be lured into the show. Something last-minute perhaps?

Of course, there was no mention of the millions of lives saved guns. The space required could have only been found on the National Mall. These folks are not victims nor would any of them wasted their time attending. I declare the whole massive empty space outside the Capital represented the beneficiaries of gun violence.


Empty seat at a hollow show. STEPHEN CROWLEY / THE NEW YORK TIMES.

One of the cats seated with Michelle was a Syrian “refugee” recently added to your tax doll. Hussein Obama bragged of his handling of the “refugee” crisis and related terrorism and foreign policy issues. There has been no confirmation as to whether the “refugee” in attendance is a known member of ISIS. Following Obama’s gun speech last week, when he declared criminals don’t use stolen guns, an ISIS member/criminal used a stolen gun to attack a police officer in Philadelphia. I doubt Obama took the opportunity to correct his previous statement in light of reality. Reality rarely makes an appearance at these sessions.

When not congratulating himself on his seven years of brilliant success Obama took potshots at the Republicans vying to replace him. Looking into the future, these shots are likely warranted. I won’t watch Obama’s successors but I can imagine their follies and symbolic shenanigans.

The Commoder in Grief also portrayed terrorism abroad and the domestic economy as problems solved. Ignoring Paris, the German new years rapes, the dreadful state of Europe and the Middle East, San Bernardino, Philadelphia, and the dire threats posed by Islamic invaders all across the West, terrorism does indeed seem in decline.

The economy, outside of stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, interest rates, jobs, manufacturing, debt, homelessness, hopelessness, welfare, and all other quantifiable measures, is improving. It’s doing so well one of twenty largest banks in the world this morning announced that 2016 portends a “cataclysmic year” and that investors should “sell everything.” Neither the President, Congress, nor you should be troubled by such miniscule details.

“Mr. Obama sought to pose and answer the four central questions his aides said were driving the debate about America’s future, including how to ensure opportunity for everyone, how to harness technological change, how to keep the country safe, and how to fix the nation’s broken politics.” New York Times.  The answers to these questions are each the same: get the government out of the damned way. I doubt that was Obama’s answer as he did not immediately resign while encouraging his fellows to do likewise.

He harped on Republicans to help him finish off the economy by completing his ObamaTrade legislation. I suppose they will given enough time.

One proposal he made actually made sense. As such it will never come to fruition. Perhaps due to a teleprompter malfunction Obama implored Congress to reform America’s criminal “justice” system.

That system is broken to the point of being institutionalized injustice and tyranny. The truly criminal government keeps itself in business by making fake criminals out of its entire population. The Constitution describes three federal crimes, not the three bazillion currently on the books. In a real system of justice the President and his audience would be rounded up and tried for Treason. Again, reality is not suffered in D.C. These problems will not be fixed by the same dastardly fiends that created them.

The rest of the address was more taxes, more spending, more programs and more Obama. If he wants a historical legacy, I just wrote it for him in one sentence.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley delivered the empty GOP retort to Obama’s empty blathering. She said nothing important though, in typical Republican fashion, she did pander to the Likudniks: “We would make international agreements that were celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran, not the other way around…” Perish the thought someone in the American government do anything to be celebrated in America.

Empty, hollow, vapid, useless – another evening with “our” government. State and status aside, the odor of the Union is strong.