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Alabama and Clemson are on a collision course for the College Football Championship. That’s good. The administration is on a collision course with the Second Amendment. That’s bad. Sorry, no Archie Campbell funnies to follow.

Hussein Obama has a list of new years resolutions at the top of which is banning guns. He can’t do it outright: the law and 100 million armed Americans are against him. But he will try to sneak in a few executive orders in an attempt to abridge your rights.

His efforts, coming next week, are aimed at closing loopholes (aka the law) by placing more innocent people under the government’s microscope. The government is nothing more than a giant series of lies.

Hussein Obama claims he wants to combat gun violence, that he will preserve the right to bear arms while keeping arms out of the hands of an “irresponsible, dangerous few.” Lies. Smoke and mirrors. He wants more state control over guns, your life and everything else.

If he wanted to stop the irresponsible and dangerous he would disband the standing army and disarm federal agents. Better yet he would start to dismantle the government entirely. It serves no honest, legitimate purpose. If he wanted to combat gun violence he would try to get more people to carry guns in more places. An armed society is more polite and far safer than the alternative.

The people are justifiably concerned about terrorists. If Obama cared he would round up and deport, imprison or execute the terrorists. He dies not care. At all. He wants more jihadi savages in America so he will import more, many more.

He wants more foreigners period. He wants more visas for them and less jobs for you – no jobs, really.

If the foreigners can’t come here, then he will ship the jobs and money to them, i.e. ObamaTrade.

And, what will the beloved Republicans do about all this? Not nothing. No. They will go right along with the plan. Paul “Blackbeard” Ryan and company have consistently supported Obama’s health care tax, his budgets, his wars, his spying, his job-destroying trade programs, his immigrant, terrorism invasion, and anything else he wants. It is what they want. More power, less freedom.

The gun rules and the visa swarm may end up in court. The black-robed Sayers will be thrilled to have something to do. The problem is that, as with any bi-polar person or group, there’s just no telling what they will do once the mess hits the bench.

No money, no jobs, no guns, no liberty: Happy new year from your psychotic friends in D.C.