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ISIS is supposedly our enemy – when we’re not funding and training them. They shoot theater patrons and bomb stadiums when they’re not fighting our enemy (or friend) in Syria … or something.  Very complicated.  Very stupid.  Every other Wednesday we are at war with them.  We bomb hospitals like they bomb soccer games thus demonstrating our moral superiority.

Russia recently began bombing the daylights out of ISIS’s military operations in Syria.  To be sure, Putin has ulterior political motives but his are probably not as murky nor schizophrenic as ours.

Turkey shot down a Russian plane it said had violated Turkish airspace.  Russia disputes the claim.  Washington, never wanting to miss a good time, has sent Air Force F-15s to Turkey to help fight the threat of Russia, which fights the threat of ISIS, which is crossing some stretch of the Texas border into the U.S. right now.

Geo. Washington, in his Farewell Address, 1796, referred to this as the “insidious wiles of foreign influence.” Of course, he would neither recognize nor understand what his homeland as descended into these days.  He might ask that his name be removed from the national capital (“Moronia” might be more appropriate).

Odds are there is more intelligence (far more) in Moscow and in Ankara than in D.C.; things should cool down sufficiently to prevent a sprouting of the giant mushrooms.

If intelligence is lacking in D.C., then it is utterly lost around metro Boston. At least as far as local government schooling is concerned.

In Revere, a North shore suburb, the high school cheerleading captain, Caley Godino, was kicked off the squad after some pitiful nitwits found one of her Tweets “offensive.”  It seems Caley Tweeted, “When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal,” as part of a political discussion about illegal immigration. [Revere’s population is about 30% foreign-born].

Local school superintendent and head Nazi in charge, Dianne Kelly, said of Caley’s horrible, racist, offensive (free) speech, “If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive- than you need to be prepared to deal with the ramifications of that.”

I see nothing racist in her tweet. Hyperbole I sense. A hint of truth perhaps. Nothing to offend any reasonable person. Then again, the reasonable seem few and far between.

People find everything offensive today.  I’m sure some in Revere find the town’s namesake, Paul Revere, offensive – he was opposed to the illegal invasions of his day (one Tweet if by land, two if …). Many are offended by the existence of white people.  Caley is likely offended she’s not a captain anymore.  Kelly is probably offended Caley is young, attractive and popular (and not PC). I find Kelly a bit offensive; she appears to be a self-righteous Marxist crossbred with a woodchuck.


See what I mean?  Maybe it’s the lighting.  Picture (first one) courtesy of the Revere Ministry of Indoctrination.

By the way, Herr Woodchuck can be reached at 781-286-8226 should you have any comments for her.  Just don’t offend her tiny sensibilities.  I won’t call because I would say something like, “Go to hell, you communist bitch.”  Very insensitive. They might make me an honorary cheerleader just so they could kick me off the squad.

I hope young Caley has learned her lesson: American government schools, where immigration law breaking is tolerated but free speech is not, are a joke and not worth attending.  I would tell her to get a GED and be done with the foolishness.  She might want to consider suing – The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education could help.

Dropping out of the failed system would do her better than any court action. Should she attend college she will find the same hypersensitivity and PC BS – writ large. Maybe she could get an education provided all the silly snowflakes are locked up in their safe places.

I hope this article is not offensive to woodchucks, not all of whom are communists. I’m sure not all educrats are stupid. I’m sure everyone in Washington is. Polys, please don’t get up nuked. Caley, do not give in.