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Never underestimate the awesome stupidity of the state. The unfolding Islamic invasion has shed new light on government efforts to plumb the depths of idiocy.

Despite the obvious and lethal failure of the 21st Century mass migration/third world conversion policies the statists still want more. More when even a little is extremely dangerous.

Analysts think the Parisian attacks may have cost the terrorists less than $10,000. That price divided by $925 gives you the approximate number of jihadis we’re told were directly involved. Amazing. You pay for your own demise. Convenient.

Nothing can be easy or cheap enough for them. Any solution for you must be prohibitively expensive; it must not be allowed. A review of the emerging video and photo footage of the attacks reveal instances where an armed citizen could have returned fire on the savages. This might not have turned the tide but it would have broken some waves. It would have sent a message – a message the government does not want.


A jammed AK provides an opportunity to shoot back. Dailymail.

France has restrictive gun laws. At least normal people are restricted. The laws don’t seem to slow criminals at all. Another government failure. Yet the fools have already called for more restrictions. A rumor circulates that his Excellency Obama will use his final year in office in an attempt to move American gun laws closer to the perfection of places like France. If successful, we will see similar results.

The “refugees” stream into America even as I write. Many are not waiting for generous welfare handouts; they’re coming in illegally and undocumented. They also seem to be disproportionately young, healthy men. Things must be very bad indeed if they choose to abandon their women, children and elders in the war zones.

Young, healthy Syrian men have been arrested in Honduras, headed for America with fake Greek passports. That doesn’t prove them terrorists but it does prove an oddity. More were caught at the Texas border. At least these were stopped. Many make it in – illegally or officially.

Al-CIA-da members have already been arrested after using the refugee ruse to settle in Kentucky. Again, young, healthy, weapon wielding men. No word about their families left behind. The U.S. admits there may be dozens more terrorists unaccounted for. Lax background checks are blamed. I blame government stupidly.


Pitiful Refugees. FBI.

Government programs are a study in serious failure. The TSSA, allegedly created to protect us from terrorists, can’t even detect weapons in 75% of test cases. Very reassuring. They do excel at strip-searching grandmothers and college girls. This foolishness costs us a fortune too.

Our government only wants to resettle “refugees” of terror-prone Islamic nature. Any others need not apply. Of 827 Somalian “refugees” brought to America in a 6 week period, only one was a Christian, the rest, all of them, Muslim. It’s the same with Syrians and all others. They only come into Western nations. Wealthy, peaceful Middle Eastern countries will not have them. Saudi Arabia has tent cities up and ready – capable of comfortably housing millions – but they have not accepted a single “refugee.” What does that tell you?

The sleeper agents are here and they are preparing more attacks. ISIS is already threatening D.C. and Times Square with Paris-style violence. It will happen again. And again. And, probably, again. All thanks not to lax checks and enforcement, but to open and reckless abandonment of the people by their government.

Prepare as you can and remember all of this when the shyster politicians beg you for your votes.