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Last Friday, the 13th, lived up to the superstition. Not just for the people of Paris but for all the civilized world.

I actually conceived of this article, at least the main title, a few weeks ago. I did not know what to do with it. I needed a spark. Then, like Gollum at the end of The Return of the King, ISIS played their part. They provided the spark. One can only hope that spark ignites the powder keg of Europe. If the old continent is to be saved, it must be saved now.

Emilo Mola coined the phrase fifth column during the Spanish Civil War. It, of course, refers to the enemy within, the subversive and the treasonous.

The West is besieged by a host of enemies, mostly manufactured by our own “leaders.” Radical Islamists, for instance, have stated explicitly they want to conquer Europe and America for the caliphate. By themselves they stood no chance of achieving this goal. Enter the politicians and the elites. The elites, the establishment itself, serves as the fifth column by allowing, almost mandating, mass migration of violent third worlders into civilized nations.

Their excuses are many, the result is singular – death. Death to our citizens and to our culture.

This is the way with all things touched by the government: money, immigration, education, family life. Ruination. The entity whose sole purpose is to protect the people is now the people’s worst enemy.

The Fourth Turning refers to the end of the latest cyclical chapter as posited by William Strauss and Neil Howe. These cycles are somewhat reminiscent of Plato’s regime cycles.  The Strauss/Howe theory is Amerocentric; I can appreciate it. Plato’s nearly iron law of political behaviour is universal and (apparently) timeless; I prefer it.  However, the Turning fits my theme herein and I like the sound of it.

The fourth turning is the one that ushers in upheaval. It coincides with Plato’s final phase – from decadent democracy into despotism and ruin.

The war on the West by the Islamic world is a pivotal event in the turning phase. It could be the most critical. If it succeeds our culture could be lost forever. Or, it could be changed for the worse. The loss or change might only be temporary, but temporary could mean centuries.

Originally the third world consisted of those nations neither aligned with NATO nor with the Communist Block.  It included several European countries and other decent, advanced places.  Today it has become synonymous with primitive (sometimes savage) societies.

The third world is largely incompatible with modern civilization. Actually, it is completely incompatible. Conversion, on a small-scale, requires many generations to become effective. On a mass scale it stands a better chance of destroying the first world hosts. The events in Paris are self-explanatory.

European Civilization arose after 40,000 years of struggle and development. Our ancestors battled a bitter environment, ice ages, bears the size of SUVs, and each other. The end result, as improbable as it was, is a people who can simultaneously cure disease, compose complex symphonies, and explore space.

The other peoples have not done these things because they cannot. Not yet. They still struggle, usually among each other. Bringing a semi-literate, violent savage to a modern metropolis is little different from moving a fox into a henhouse. The fox may have good sport but the hens suffer.


Suffer the hens do. Google.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Parisian offensive, the ‘First of the Storm’ as they call it. We need not doubt their sincerity.

This group and others like it are products of America’s and Europe’s meddling affairs in the middle east. ISIS was created, trained, funded, and armed by the CIA and with your money. Pawns in Washington’s unnatural wars for corporate profit and world hegemony.

The government trotted the globe in search of the most violent conflicts – turmoil which in no way concerned the West. Upon finding chaos Washington kicked the veritable hornet’s nest. They made sure the hornets knew who was kicking them. Unsurprisingly, that engendered hatred of us in the minds of the warring savages.

Then, with the hornets good and angry, our leaders began to import them in droves. The results have been as predictable as they are horrific.

Even now some of our “betters” murmur against the obvious. They still want to protect their suicidal project. Those who created the problem should not be counted on to solve it.

There is but one solution. The invading hoards must be deported from Christendom. Our lives depend on it. Madam LE Pen, likely France’s next President, plainly stated that the French must annihilate radical Islam in France. It does not belong there. It can contribute nothing but more murders, other crimes, and to the evisceration of the traditional way of life.

Several of the attackers in Paris have been identified as recent refugees allowed into Europe under the guise of humanitarian relief from the war in Syria. Syrian affairs, war included, are best left to the Syrians. The largely disarmed French people are open victims waiting to be slaughtered.

Even as these traffic events unfold and the lies of liberalism are laid bare, the same murmuring voices call for the disarming of America. They seem to want more easy targets for the terrorists they created and imported.

Airstrikes have been launched in Syria by the French this weekend. They are less retaliatory but still more hornet kicking. More of the same will beget more similar results – see Einstein’s theory of insanity.

This is as calm a followup to my first reaction in Bellwether as I could manage. Really, I’ve already said all of this. Back in January I published my Thoughts on Paris regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I had hopes that terror would awaken the people. Maybe this one will.

All people have a natural right to freedom and happiness. It is my hope that, by example, the first world will enlighten the third. Mixing the two directly runs the high risk of destroying both. Who desires that?

Should you find my ideas offensive or politically incorrect, please feel free to go to hell. Or, just go to Paris and await the hornet’s next sting.