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Prior to January 7, 2015 I don’t think I had ever heard of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French newspaper of mixed repute.  Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie) is now ingrained in the minds of the whole world.  Here are a few of my thoughts on the situation:

The paper has a long history of ticking off just about every group under the French sun. It seems some groups are more dangerous when outraged than others.  In recent years the paper aggrieved Jews; no Jews attacked.  Catholics were slandered; no Catholic attacks either.  Politicians from every part of the spectrum earned the ire of Charlie; no attacks.  Then the Mohammedans were offended; the rest is history.


(Murder in the streets.  Dailymail, UK.)

As I have hinted at before, Europe is at a crossroads.  Behind lay the thousands of years of Christian, Greco-Roman civilization.  The crossroads are located at the depths of secular, socialist bog.  One path forward surely continues the age-long journey of a proud people (fraught with problems, I know).  Another path (seeming the most popular at present, politically) leads to a brave new world, fraught with problems certain.  This new world is the antithesis of the old; it means a new Europe without Europe – the destruction of the cradle of Western Civilization.

I’m not prepared, yet, to go as far as Vox Day or Steve Sailer in calling the modern European melting pot a flaming disaster – I’m about a millimeter away.  Instead, I offer a few simple opinions and perhaps a prophecy of sorts.

The immediate problem in Paris, and London, and Berlin, and Madrid, and New York, and Ottawa, and …. is Islamic terrorism.  Sure, all Muslims are not violent killers, but the ones who are do a hell of a job.  The underlying problem is the forced assimilation of utterly alien peoples into a society already reeling from a disconnect with its identity.  This breeds alienation, discontent, crime and terror – none good for anyone.  I do not pretend to have answers for all the world’s problems.  Rather, I have here the beginnings of a (admittedly over simplified) plan to solve the terror element as presently presented.  I use the French as my case study, though my approach may be directed towards the West in general.

Step one for peace is peace.  It is time the French (and the rest) to stop meddling in the affairs of the middle east and other places where Western thought and culture has never taken root or stirred the slightest interest.  Please don’t tell me about oil, Israel or fantasies concerning phantom threats to our freedom (the wars and intervention haven’t helped us – rather they’ve hurt us).  Looking back at the past decade and a half, the wars just don’t work.  They’re usually based on misinformation (lies) and malevolent intent. The wars never achieve the goals which launch them. Those goals shift with the wind anyway.  We either can’t win or we won’t win and no-one can define what a win is.  The wars are bankrupting us.   Wars (shock) kill innocent people.  Looking at the past several thousands of years, history validates our recent findings.  Defense, in the unlikely event needed, yes; intervention, no.  Do unto others and all that…

Step the second – stop importing droves of people from said foreign countries and alien cultures.  Gasoline does not extinguish fire.  Further, an immediate and sifting examination of those immigrants already in country is warranted.  If some can assimilate and have – great – welcome to the new countrymen.  Those who can’t or won’t, those who insist on bringing with them those terrible elements they fled from at home, those who reject the host culture or civilization itself – must go.  Now.  Now, before something bad (worse) happens.

The final step covers the interim preceding the first two.  I saw a news video taken by an amateur videographer in Paris on the day of the Hebdo shootings.  Everyone has a phone with a camera these days.  It was no surprise.  But, what if each would-be movie maker had been armed with a camera and a firearm?  Perhaps the outcome would be the same.  Perhaps armed civilians might have turned the tide.  Maybe they could have prevented the atrocity by way of their known presence alone.

Armed people do a better job of repelling evil than passive bystanders; the police involved in hunting down the terrorists were well armed – to a decent result.  By the way, I’m not going into the conspiracy theories some of my friends have set forth about the attacks and aftermath.  While I have a healthy skepticism of “official stories” I’m taking this situation (and those in London, New York, Madrid, Ottawa, Oklahoma City, etc., etc.) at face value.

A deterrent force of armed people might speed up my second step by encouraging self-deportation of terror-minded aliens.  Intelligent criminals usually prefer soft targets rather than facing off against massive return fire.  Without soft targets, many might choose a different battlefield.

I realize these propositions may seemed very far-fetched in modern Europe.  The ink is still drying on various European gun/freedom bans.  That is the landscape of the Continent right now – it will likely change sooner or later.  So comes my prophecy.

Western people have a penchant for “tolerance” which some take as a sign of weakness. By some counts this is the third large-scale invasion of Europe by Muslims.  Do you know what happened the other two times?

Eighth century Francia (modern France) endured decades of Muslim advances.  Then another Charlie – Charles “The hammer” Martel rose to power.  Google “the Battle of Tours.”  Martel routed the Umayyad armies from France in decisive fashion.  Centuries later Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, Columbus’s benefactors, finished the mission.

Just as they are notoriously tolerant, Westerners are notoriously vengeful.  When they (we) finally have enough, all hell breaks loose.  It isn’t pretty for the other side.  I would rather see a peaceful, logical solution now to these problems.  However, I am confident they will be fixed one way or another.  Maybe now is the time to take the gloves off. It appears that various pro-European parties may soon be swept into the governments of Europe during the next election (pro-Europeans in Europe is a shock, I’ll admit).  All things being equal, as they so often are not, this would be a good occurrence.  If only America had a pro-American party too. Je suis Charlie Martel?