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Today I finally got the paperback edition of The Happy Little Cigar Book out! You can buy a copy:

On Amazon (soon – link going in and out tonight);

And at CreateSpace.

Of course you’re welcome to buy multiple copies at both sites – encouraged even.


Go with the paperback for now. The Kindle edition needs some revision and a complete reformatting. I bought a book and some software for that! I’m also working on some signing events, maybe a tour. I’ll have hard copies then and there.

What a day! I haven’t really slept in a few days. Zombie like… Thanks for all the support, everyone. I started a Facebook fan page which if off to a great start. There’s also been a substantial uptick in blog visits.

In addition to scores of blog drafts I need to work on I have dozens of books and book ideas in the hopper. This is the humble beginning.

I need to sleep soon….