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Scandals swirl around politics as flies do around fresh dung. They’re much the same thing. The other day Anonymous released a list of prominent politicians with alleged ties to the KKK. Shocking, maybe. The real news is that few in the public are surprised or even outraged. That’s a good thing as it demonstrates the people’s awareness of the debts of political corruption.

On the list is an assortment of mayors and U.S. Senators, Democrats and Republicans. Many are coming forth with denials.

The mayor of Lexington, Ky., says he’s not a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Anonymous postings saying otherwise are “false, insulting and ridiculous,” Jim Gray said in a statement on Monday.

Gray, the city’s Democratic mayor, was responding to the release of names of purported KKK members by someone claiming to be with the hacktivist group Anonymous.

“I have never had any relationship of any kind with the KKK. I am opposed to everything it stands for. I have no idea where this information came from, but wherever it came from, it is wrong,” Gray said.

USA Today

I have no way of verifying these accusations and no interest. Nothing would surprise me here.

American politicians have a long history of involvement with the KKK and other hate groups/activities. Harry Truman, Robert Byrd, Hugo Black, and David Duke were members. Many more were likely involved. In 1868 the Georgia General Assembly refused to seat a slew of newly elected black members. They did the same thing in 1965 when Julian Bond disavowed the Vietnam War.

Those wronged men from the age of Reconstruction have a monument on the Georgia Capital grounds. The rest of is have a monument to stupidity in our elected officials.

This story is just the latest page in an old, worn out book. The body politic in general and Congress specifically is nothing but a hate group. Remember that come the next election.


Members of Congress celebrate the income tax, 1913. USA Today.