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Before he goes John “Boo-Hoo” Boehner has one last trick up his sleeve. It’s just in time for Halloween too. Speaker Dearest has been working hard with his best friend, President Obama (TWO parties, remember), to raise the debt ceiling.


If only. Google.

The potential treat for this season is that the government is all but broke. Without more debt it will have to shut down at least temporarily. That would be a blessing for the masses but it will not happen. The monied interests need the government operational so they can continue to loot the carcus of our economy.

Congress has money, yes. This year has seen record tax collections from both individuals and corporations – over $3 Trillion. Such a number would seem enough to finance anything. Anything except our corrupt beyond hope political and financial elites, that is. Printing more paper money is their only hope. As they have slammed into the statutory cap on borrowing once again, they must vote to raise the cap. They will.

As usual a few dissenters give the pretense of debate over the matter. It’s an act well scripted. They say they will hold up next year’s budget over the debt. They won’t. This year they have side lies to entertain the people. Funding of Planned Parenthood is another holdup. Rest assured the rats of the Potomac care no more about children than they do fiscal responsibility. All just an act in the weary play of American Decline.

Little of this makes the news. Paul Craig Roberts just, again, explained why – the U.S. media is but a puppet of the state and its owners. They report the truth in nothing. Not our wars. Not our money. The World Series, yes. Anything of substance, no.

Your favorite candidate, whomever that might be, is silent too. They’re too busy talking about themselves and each other at present. Should the debt or budget come up they will only have platitudes. Their stated plans are a continuation of the status quo. Bernie Sanders Claus is the exception. He wants to give everything away for free. That means even more debt and spending. It makes no sense. Then again, the voters are not known for reasoning ability. A guy promising goodies from the sky just might be their man. No difference.

Whoever of this latest pathetic crop gets the job will do exactly as he’s told. The Banksters and the Treasury beaurocrats must have more money to keep the smoke and mirrors economy running just a little while longer.

Faced both with imminent collapse and the prospect of angry, hungry, zombie-like idiot voters at their doors they are out of magic tricks. Spending cannot slow for even a day. The Federal Reserve cannot raise interest rates. The slightest breeze could now topple their house of cards. And, don’t laugh. You and I live in that house.

Only more debt, ridiculous spending and more of the same will prop up the system – for a while. Eventually the bell shall toll.

Were an omnipotent and benevolent being with governing super powers to directly intervene, the solution would be so simple:

Rather than making a show, boasting to impeach its chief criminal, the IRS could just be abolished. Relieved of taxation the people could keep their money. By abolishing the Fed and its monopoly on funny money, the cash the people keep would have actual value.

Starved of funding the government would really close down – for good. This would free the newly enriched free people from war, regulation, taxation, jail threats, airport strip searches, bad medicine, toilet tank size restrictions, marriage mandates, travel and trade restrictions, gun laws, labor laws, electoral cycle bullshit and a host of other horrors.

Those other people, the ravaging zombies, could be placated by feeding them the newly unemployed and utterly worthless mass of politicians, beaurocrats and central bankers. A collective burp later and all memory of the past corruption would erased.

Sunrise scene

Dawn shall come. Google.

Ah, for a quick and happy ending. No super being will show up. Things will go on. The end and the solution will not come quickly. But, come it will. Some day all the things I just hypothesised will come to pass in one way or another. Rome will burn and fall. Freedom and intelligence will return. Then, it will be happy.