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When last you read I promised a big story by hook or by crook.  Well, it has to be by crook.  Or, maybe by hook.  Not sure.  Anyway, all you get for now is a short preview. I’m busy revising, editing and discussing movie rights.  Seriously, it is a comparative political piece about Tolkien’s Numenor and America.  Here goes:

This essay concerns the rising peace and glory and downfall of Tolkien’s Numenor as compared to the rise and fall of republican America…

…the author is aware the details and history of Numenor are both idyllic and fictional. There are, however, many similarities between that mythical tale and the, albeit romantic, history of the great republic of the United States of America. Much of what we remember of America’s founding and glory is largely fictionalized as well. Thus, this short work is philosophical and perhaps even religious in nature.

…the story of the downfall of Numenor, the ancient island home of the “Men of the West” of Tolkien’s Arda, the Edain/Dunedain, is included at the end of the Silmarillion book but are separate from and independent of the story of the Silmarillion – so says Christopher Tolkien,  Silmarillion, Forward…

First I will set up the historical and physical commonalities of the two subject Nations. My good readers are, no doubt, steeped in the history and geography of America. Many are familiar with Tolkien and Middle Earth (at least and insofar as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are concerned, thank you, Peter Jackson). Numenor and the allegedly murky (a slanderous allegation) Silmarillion might require additional explanation…

That’s all for now.  The real thing is coming soon.

One more thing!  Frank the Frog, in anticipation of his possible election bid, will shortly hereafter release his autobiography, Frankly Speaking.  Frank will share his insight on foreign policy, dispel rumors about his alleged firefly addiction, discuss growing up tough surrounded by hawks and snakes (perfect prep for politics), and much much more.  Get over to Amazon and reserve your first edition copy now.

frank book cover

(It’s as if a little green founding father hoped out of the history book to grace us modern Americans with his wisdom.)