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This concluding article has been delayed a while – it’s finally done!  And, I hereby dedicate it to Antywan, who gave me the inspiration to finish it.  Thanks for the encouragement, buddy.

This is the third and final segment in my series on modern American slavery.  So far, I’ve detailed human trafficking and the big corporate/government plantation.  Find the first two installments here: Part OnePart Two.

In Part Two I mentioned the astounding prosecution levels for victim-less crimes (non-crimes, mind you).  Here’s a recent example from the news, a story within a story, which illustrates another problem with the modern criminal “justice” system.  I’ve read, and experienced in court, that around 90% of criminal cases end with plea bargains, where the accused admits guilt and forgoes a trial.  Maybe it’s more like 97%.  Anyway, of the remaining cases, which are tried, another 90 – 97% end with convictions.  Many might say this is efficient justice.  I say it indicates a “fixed” system.

A recent sting operation in the Southern District of Georgia by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (and Explosives) (“ATF”) resulted in about 200 indictments in Federal Court.  Sandy Hodson, Federal Prosecutor, ATF Agent Under Investigation, Augusta (GA) Chronicle, Feb. 2, 2015.  “At least one of the defendants in the Savannah operation, Eduardo Cruz-Camacho, stood trial.”  Chronicle, Ibid.  One out of 200 is .5%.  Of course, the defendant was convicted by a Jury, November 2013.  U.S. v. Cruz-Camacho, NO. 4:13-CR-129-2, (So. Dist. U.S., 2014).  Total justice…

Oh, did you catch the headline of the Chronicle story?  Due to their illegal actions, the U.S. Assistant Attorney on the case and an ATF agent are under investigation.  The agent, with the Attorney’s blessing, falsified a visa application for an informant, withheld information to the Defendant, and lied about it.  U.S. Attorney Ed Tarver estimates the fiasco may taint at least four of those 200 cases.  The Court has ordered an accounting of each and every case touched by the ATF agent.

I know Ed Tarver.  He is as honest a government employee as one can find and he pre-emptively came forward with this information.  I know of the subject AUSA and agent but not well enough to judge their character nor actions.  However, I can easily pass judgment on the ATF as an organization.

This is the same ATF that ran Operation Gunrunner (aka Fast and Furious).  In this dubious program thousands of military grade weapons were delivered by the ATF to the Mexican drug cartels.  At first the ATF used straw purchasers to funnel the weapons.  When sales slowed due to a drop in demand the ATF actually started giving the guns (and grenades) away.  One of the guns was later used to murder U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  See: Issa, Grassley Report on Fast & Furious Finds Widespread Justice Department Management Failures, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 2012.

This is the same ATF which played a deadly role in the murders at Waco and Ruby Ridge.  As no-one (in the government) has ever been held accountable for these criminal conspiracies, I suggest Mr. Cruz-Camacho and associates are out of luck.

The Georgia sting operation worked by entrapping hundreds of individuals in the exact same kinds of crimes the ATF routinely commits with impunity.  These operations occur year after year all over the country.  One difference is that I do not think anyone was hurt by Cruz-Camachos actions.  The other difference is the acceptance of the courts, of Congress, and the public of the ATF’s programs.  It’s a double standard writ large and written in blood.

That public acceptance is the worst part of this sordid story.  Most don’t merely accept this kind of government railroading; they demand it.  Thomas Jefferson said something to the effect that the people are the best defenders of their own liberty and the gravest threat to their liberty.

In other words, the people are their own worst enemies.  We turn ourselves into slaves when no-one else can.  Most do so without any thought.  It’s not just with the government, but with all facets of society.

We continually tolerate domination by a failed two-party political system.  We ensnare ourselves in mortgages, student loans, car loans, credit cards and any other debts we can acquire – usually to purchase worthless trinkets or dreams we don’t need.  We work decades in jobs and careers we hate.  We willingly participate in a banking/financial system operated by a cartel.  We devote hours every day watching idiocy on television.  We idolize devil-worshipping celebrities who prey on our children.  We ship those children off to government concentration camps to learn how to repeat our mistakes.  On and on and on…

On Sunday I watched the Super Bowl along with 100 million of you.  Per my prediction, New England picked up their fourth trophy.  Along with a great game came dozens of the worst commercials I have ever seen.  “I died in an accident.”  “Sorry, it’s a boy.” “Drink our beer – horses save a puppy from a wolf.”  Pitiful.  The marketing geniuses on Madison Avenue think we’re slaves – the lowest and dumbest to ever walk the earth.  Are they right?  Do you choose your beverage based on the plight of a puppy?

I did not watch Katy Perry’s half-time show.  Last year I read about her performance at the Grammy Awards wherein she literally conducted a witchcraft ceremony before a national audience.  See: KATY PERRY: ILLUMINATI PRIESTESS CONDUCTS WITCHCRAFT CEREMONY IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.  Should we let our children (or ourselves) listen to this type of music?  These people are serious in their desire to enslave us to materialism and dark forces.  Do we let them?

The answer should be “no.”  There is no way to immediately turn back the tide of big government.  The Federal Reserve and its criminal predator member institutions cannot be undone this year.  Fear of life and ease of entertainment will always follow us.  But, we can begin to slowly free ourselves.  Stop voting for the same cabal of nit-wits every election.  Rethink your commitment to debt.  Stop trusting the voices of the government and their media.  Turn off the tube.



You can make a difference.  You can free yourselves.  You have tremendous power.  Break those chains.