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If you read articles by automotive guru Eric Peters – and you should – then you know of the ever-present dangers of the clover.  A clover is a pitiful, poorly skilled driver who insists that other drivers accommodate his inadequacies and worse, demands the government punish competent motorists who wish to be left alone.

Yesterday I read a letter to the editor of a large Southern newspaper from a clover who is concerned other drivers are crossing an Interstate bridge faster than the clover deems necessary.  Monitor Border Speeders, Augusta (GA) Chronicle, February 16, 2015.

This nit-wit thinks the government should not only be the “sword of God” but also God’s speed bump.  Yes, the man wants speed bumps placed on an Interstate highway. Why? Because the traffic crossing the river from South Carolina and into Georgia “is running 70 mph, then all of a sudden it is down to 65 mph. If you travel interstates you know the speed limits are hard to cut back on short notice.”  I know this stretch of pavement and the speed limit drops a full two miles before the river.  And, it’s only a five-mile per hour decrease.

Of course clover wants more signs, cameras and an increased police presence to make him feel safe and comfortable.  As is, clover is “scared to cross…”   I would suggest that, if he is so scared, he stay off the road.  His incompetence deleted from the equation would make travel easier and safer for everyone else.


(Driving Mrs. Clover.  Google.)

Clover doesn’t care.  He wants the 70,000 plus vehicles crossing the subject bridge every day to slow down to his speed, cross his speed bumps (very slowly) and be subjected to his police scrutiny.  “Surely there is someone in our government smart enough to figure that out,” clover laments.  He must know as much about government as he does driving.

He ends his letter with a plea for drivers to be responsible.  This is the only sensible thought he communicates.  Virtually all other drivers are responsible; most who suffer accidents on the road are usually victims of attempts to navigate around some clover idiot.

Clover, how smart is government?  Several weeks ago I reported on the illegal activities of clover’s government agents.  Today the news is even worse.  Previously there were 200 or so federal cases possibly tainted by corruption; now it up to 340.  See: Sandy Hodson, Over 300 people identified whose prosecutions might be tainted, Augusta (GA) Chronicle, February 18, 2015.

U.S. Attorney Ed Tarver has submitted to the Federal Court for the Southern District of Georgia a list of 344 cases affected by the shenanigans of a U.S. prosecutor and an agent from the BATF.  These cases centered around one or more weapons stings coordinated by the ATF, itself a known drug cartel weapons supplier.

This is the same government clover would have harass you on the roads.  They same government that steals your money through taxation and inflation.  The same government that will censor what you see on the web.  The same government that sends your sons off to die overseas “fighting the terrorists” while, at the same time, using your tax money to import as many terrorists into our country as possible.

None of this sounds smart to me.  Clover will likely never get it.  Will you?