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Today I spoke to the Augusta, GA Libertarian Party about citizen-police encounters, especially when the citizen is armed.  What a great group!  You can view my presentation materials here: https://perrinlovett.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/march-10-2013-libertarian-party-event-bullett-points/.  It’s a shortened version of How to Interact With the Police, https://perrinlovett.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/how-to-interact-with-the-police/. I think How to Interact may be one of my most popular posts yet.  After the great reception today and some of the feedback I got, I think a follow-up of some sort may be in order. 

I decided to where a suit and tie to the event today. 


(Who the hell is the thin dude???)

Unless they’re Christmas ties, I generally do not like ties.  They remind me of upside-down silk nooses.  I only don ties when I go to court.  In fact, today when I revved up I ditched the tie and jacket.  But, I had to wear them.  You see, for many years I have had a closet full of really nice suits I couldn’t fit into.  I think the one above is an Austin Reed, if that means anything.  Thanks to my exercise program and diet, which I think I will patent and hawk on TV, not only do those suits fit – they’re a little loose!  My fat suits may need serious surgery.


(Me.  Thin.  In a suit.  With no cigar or beard…  Yes, really me.)

I brought my daughter along for the fun.  She did great until I went on a little too long – she got up and told me it was time to leave…  Thank you, sweetie!!!  We had strawberries and a visit to her little friend’s house as a reward.


(Daddy’s little helper.)

I love talking to and with libertarians, big or small “l.”  They are the few who prefer liberty, as Sallust suggested 2000 years ago.  And, as a rule, they are informed, engaging, and very very nice.  Today was no exception.  I fielded questions throughout the presentation, questions that greatly contributed to the overall topic.  I also discussed the possibility of addressing other groups.  I even offered to “debate” any communist or other hack they could dig up at Augusta State (GRU U) on the subject of gun control.  It seems there is still doubt as to what the Second Amendment really means, even after Heller, Parker, and MacDonald, and a slew of other cases.  I intend to write a clarifying post soon – particularly as to what part the people play with relation to the militia and where the militia stands with regard to the Imperial military (totally different birds).

I always learn something at these types of events, even when I’m the presenter.  Speaking of the militia, today I learned that federal and state law enforcement, in conjunction with the MARINE CORPS!, has been conducting hypothetical war games in our area – against the Georgia militia!  These exercises take place next door in South Carolina.  I think I will write both governors and the interloper in the White House and ask if they would like the Georgia Militia to actively participate!  I will lead the effort, if mr. Deal will allow it and appoint me as a Colonel or General or something.  Men, I may be calling on you soon.  If nothing else, I will demand to know why the USMC is drilling against the people of our state.  Have they killed off all “tha taaarrists”???

The news:

Maybe we are the terrorists now.  According to Washington’s puppet, Hamid Karzai, the U.S. is colluding with the Taliban.  Remember them?  They were our allies in the 1980s, who betrayed us on 9/11 and now, after 12 years of war, have become our allies again?  I’m confused too.  Kind of like al-CIA-da – the terror group developed by Washington during the cold war, who became our enemies in 2001, only to get our help in Libya, Syria, etc.  Foreign entanglements, gotta love em.

In other news, Atlanta is now being called the “Detroit of the South” – that can’t be good.  More and more suburbs are seceding to get away from the crime, corruption and financial burdens of the Big Peach.  I have heard rumors that northern Fulton County may split and reform Milton County or whatever it was called 90 years ago.  Peachy.

More rumors – the RepubliCONS, all hyped up on something, are vowing to budget Obamacare away sometime in the future.  I have a shiny nickel that says they don’t.

That’s all for now.  Many thanks again to Amanda, Rocky and my gracious hosts today.  They even gave me a trio of books I have not read before – one about Bastiat!  This looks to be a great week.  I’m planning some terrific columns and maybe a site upgrade or two.  See you tomorrow!