Zoomer chick pop, who knew? The other day, I randomly stumbled across the talented and lovely Olivia Rodrigo and “Good 4 U”. This highly-up tempo little ditty heled me blast through writing the second half of something. (See if you can spot it!) Anyway, it’s a song about a crazy ex girlfriend as sung eponymously. Obsessing n’ projecting just a tad. If one watches the official video, the cinematography fits perfectly if a bit teeny-bop-ishly. I found it a light-hearted, somewhat funny lyrical take on a fairly disturbed but not unheard of scenario. The music strikes me as … let’s see. Imagine a good, old-fashioned original pop tune – like a solid Tommy Roe number, or the female version thereof – jazzed-up to 80s-90s standards. It’s catchy. There’s the fine guitar hooking. Blabbity, blabbity, here it is: