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The US Gay-vy already has a ship named after a child rapist, so appointing this thing as it’s spokes…thing makes sense:

The US Navy invited an active-duty drag queen to be a “Digital Ambassador” – as part of a recent drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce” and combat plunging recruitment.

Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who identifies as non-binary, was appointed as the first of five Navy Digital Ambassadors in a pilot program that ran from October to March.

Forget Russia and China, I hear Spain wants a rematch.

When you vote, pledge allegiance, or sing along with Lee Greenwood, this is what you’re supporting. Young Christian men of America, have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the satanic states, and especially with its fake, very gay military. Again, let the clowns defend Clown World.

BTW, here’s the “enemy” idea of recruitment: