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A video with a transcript about the deep, dark state’s legacy hatred of the Kennedy Clan.

Recently declassified documents show that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged “Lone Gunman” in the JFK assassination was a CIA asset.

RFK Jr is running for President in 2024 and calls out the CIA for the deadly vaxxines.

He also blames the CIA for the murder of his uncle, which he calls a “successful coup d’état from which our democracy has never recovered.”

And he believes that his father was assassinated by the security guard who shot him from behind after pushing them into their patsy, Sirhan Sirhan.

I had a lunchtime discussion about Robert, Jr. last weekend. If the US still had viable elections, then I would have already endorsed the man for president. As-is, for optimistic rhetorical effect, I hereby declare it’s RFK ALL THE WAY! Reality aside, I endorse Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for President in 2024!