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The NYT, via DNYUZ here, rolls with “How the W.W.E. Explains What’s Happened to U.S. Politics” on Sunday, February 26, 2023. The story has that NYT slant we all love, but it’s a pretty accurate piece. In brief, USian politics is just as scripted, entertaining, and carnival-like as professional wrestling. It’s great that someone finally noticed the ridiculous sideshow! If only someone had done so, say, seven years ago.

Hold on! Here’s what I said, here, on August 5, 2016:

Speculation abounds that the Donald might be trying to throw the election to Hillary. Rumor is he doesn’t really want the office and he and the Clintons have been friends for some time.

I still think he’s in. It makes little difference either way. I’ve long said American politics has degenerated into a WWE (WWF for us seniors) carnival act. The Democrats and Republicans play “heels” and “faces” and then trade off as the scripted plot develops. Regardless of which side they’re on, the TV wrestlers all work for Vince McMahon and the overall goal is to keep fans watching and paying. It’s the same with the “two-party” system. The politicians all work for the banks and the goal is to get you watching (but not too close) and paying.

I’ve said and written that for years. Now, people on the Republican side are actually starting to mimic the Godfather of WWF fame.

Life imitates art. Politics imitates professional wrestling. ‘Merica.

Here, today. Or, from “official” sources, many, many years later. Watch out, McCarthy! Adam Schiff enters the ring with A STEEL CHAIR!!!