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Beating A Dead Horse In Memphis


While it may be a horrible way to open Black History Month, I’ve decided to comment on the recent death of Tyre Nichols. Happy Black History Month.

Memphis, what the hell? I was told in the summer of 2021, after gremlin-like graverobbers disinterred Gen. Nathan B. and Mrs. Mary Forrest, that all problems in the city were solved forever. Speaking to the Washington Times, (then) County Commissioner Van Turner said that vandalizing the remains of the noble dead “will serve as an example of what we can do to move this city forward. The reality of it is if we don’t come together we won’t have the city that we all love.” The Forrests were shipped out of town, the General’s statue was toppled, and Forrest Park was renamed something like “Tutsi-Hutu Peace Love and Moving Forward Park.”

Where to start? I was unaware of the fiasco until the middle of last week when someone on Social Galactic posted an alert about the pending video release and the risk of unrest. Last Friday, for whatever reason I watched the videos. They are tedious and unpleasant, and I don’t recommend anyone else do the same. We’ve seen this show before, in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Charlotte, and elsewhere. Many questions are raised, not that we may ever have comprehensive answers for them. Why did MPD initiate the traffic stop? Was Nichols “on something,” as reported by one of the officers? Who the hell trained the officers? Will there be any semblance of justice? Is justice even conceptually possible at this point? What do they smoke, in certain quarters, to find White supremacy in this tragedy? And more. Ubiquitously, I must say, based on the little I saw and know, Nichols did not deserve such a violent ending. Hopefully, he is at peace, and hopefully, something positive may be gleaned from his death. I, for one, am not holding my breath.

Nichols was a Black man. All five of the MPD officers who subdued and beat Nichols were Black. Nathan Bedford Forrest has been dead for 146 years. Most of the gaggle of officers who gathered at the scene in the aftermath of the beating were black. Forrest’s statuary horse was absent, as was the CSA 7th Tennessee Cav. Memphis is supermajority Black. There were no noticeable signs of Klan activity. So, naturally, some of the usual suspects tell us this affair is the result of White racism, supremacy, time-traveling, or elven magic. Their tiresome monomania, like others, isn’t even worth the shrugging of one’s shoulders. Things are what they are.

The United States, what’s left of them, are not the same as they were, not twenty years ago, and certainly not seventy years ago. Tennessee, still one of the Whitest Southern States, is only about 70% White. That’s down from 79% in 2000 and 84% in 1970. Shelby County is only 34% White; it has been minority White and majority Black for most of this century. Memphis is a mere 24% White, down from about 40% the last time I was there, 50% the first time I visited, and 63% in 1950. Demographically, the city begins to resemble Harare.

The transformation of Memphis is representative of many other major US cities, and imminently predictive of the future of the country as a whole. I don’t think any honest sociologist or anthropologist can anymore classify the US as a First-World country. It isn’t fully Third World, in the modern socioeconomic, and not the original political sense of the words, though it is steadily marching that way. We are, at present, in the middle, though still tethered by a fraying thread to European civilization. That thread will break soon.

The US is no longer a Christian country, by anyone’s definition, outside of the purely and nominally titular. By the end of this decade, it will cease to be a majority White European country. And it will most likely cease to be a unified political entity – which is the better outcome of the four great plausible possibilities. 

Today, Memphis is our microcosm, a compressed slide under examination. And what happened in the city was to be expected. People build and maintain cities that suit their culture and heritage. Given the chance, they revert to their ancestral traditions. Europeans build and run European cities. Africans run African cities. Ditto for Asians, Hispanics, and on, and on. Some, it is plainly observed, function differently than others. Average general intelligence, as measured by IQ, is a reliable indicator of how well societies function as measured by things like crime, justice, poverty, beauty, and contentment. The established cutoff for maintenance and preservation of advanced, modern standards of living is 90 (assumed WAIS or SB). Based on a cursory averaging by a weighted distribution of the available population groups, Memphis has an average IQ below 89. In technical terms, that is “not good,” but it does help explain the unfolding chaos.

Those who live in diverse areas, if they’re not going to relocate soon, need to adjust their expectations. This is how things are, like them or not, and they are worsening. History provides guide after guide to our present and near-future conditions. A suitable title for a sequel to Jared Taylor’s 2017 book If We Do Nothing, might as well be Because We Did Nothing. Yes, the reality is a little worse than that, as instead of doing nothing we did the wrong things. 

It is distinctly possible that, if they don’t already, all peoples in the US may come to regret the transformation and decline. I am least sure about the attitudes of Asians and Hispanics, as their in-group preferences are generally so strong as to override many external concerns. Many Whites are currently either too timid or too stupid to admit what has happened. That will change. Likewise, most Blacks, even as many begin to silently doubt and question, are not quite ready to recognize reality. They will. Their kin in southern Africa, many of them, by way of comparison, already do.

The late Dr. Walter E. Williams wrote authoritatively about the shift from the woes of Blacks under Apartheid in South Africa to their joys under modern democracy. Statistically and observably, many were before off when they were second-class citizens in what was at least a first-class nation. He was not alone in his determination. Other videos are readily available that show exactly how Black police officers in SA treat Black suspects (they are not for the faint-hearted). There’s always hope, and not that most Westerners will notice it, but 2023 may be the year that Black-ruled SA begins to prove itself a worthy modern society. If one is interested, and again, most are not, then watch Cyril Ramaphosa’s work this year, particularly in two areas. First, he takes the helm of BRICS+ this year, and he’s already showing some signs of determination to pursue greatness. Second, if a certain plan goes through, watch what he may do with (not to) White farmers in SA, in conjunction with other African countries. Time will tell.

Another example of life in the aftermath comes from the former Rhodesia. I read somewhere that Ian Smith reported the strangest thing happening later in his life. My reading of the report was confirmed by a great man who once personally knew Smith. At intervals, frequently at night, Smith would find himself swarmed by a horde of mostly older Black Zimbabwean men, who would beg him to return to power and save the nation from Mugabe and the ZANU. While he developed a heartfelt, grieving connection with the disaffected majority, he, of course, was if anything simply too old to act. Yet, hope persists. Mugabe is dead and gone, and a new generation in Harare may be interested in accompanying the Sovereign World forward. Let’s, today, call it a “lions for tractors” interest.

There are lessons to learn from all of this, but we don’t really do that anymore. Active discussions need to happen, along with more than a little planning. But we don’t do those things well either. Talking to White Americans, including many Southerners, is a lot like talking to Black Americans, which is very much like talking to the ghost of Old Roderick. I only talk to living horses, so I’m letting this drop right now.

Shifting gears, a few other, semi-related matters have stormed into my attention zone. Whether people notice them and prepare for them or not, things are moving. My digital friend Andrei Raevsky, The Saker, is closing his blog this month. This will have the effect of limiting some of the best information on the web about global affairs, but it will also hopefully prevent Andrei from telling the right kind of truth in the wrong kind of dying empire. The ominous translation: this shit is about to get heavy. I look for three major fronts to break wide open in our current World War, possibly in coordination, very soon, though I cannot calculate exactly when “soon” is. 

Russia is probably about to steamroll what’s left of Ukraine. The only question is where they will stop. Remember that no part of NATO is out of the MOD’s range. Also, I expect China to do something. It may or may not be something regarding Taiwan. And, there’s Iran. Last weekend, I wondered why Israel risked such a pathetic and ultimately futile attack on Iran. Then I learned about the arrival of the 24 SU-35s (very good air defense jet fighters) in Iran from Russia. 40 more are coming, and they are bringing multiple S-400 systems (the best world’s best AD missile system, excepting only other, more advanced Russian systems) with them. Later, this year or next, once the assembly lines are cranking out the export models at speed, a squadron of SU-57s (best jet fighters in the world) is also on order. These new weapons, along with Iran’s house developments of the past two decades, mean that the balance of power has changed in the Middle East. This also disproves a little of the NATO-MSM BS about Russia running out of arms. Russia has twelve times the military productive capacity (the thing that wins modern wars) than all of NATO, including the satanic states. Russia also makes more missiles of all kinds than the entire rest of the world combined. Thus they can afford to sell hefty quantities abroad while still kicking the mess out of the satanic world disorder.

Iran has suffered attack after attack, for years now, from Israel and the satanic states. The yankees got stomped flat back in January 2020 (Go, I-RAN!). Iran will retaliate again. I now almost half expect, again possibly timed in conjunction with Sino-Russian offenses, that Tehran will directly attack IDF assets and national power infrastructure in Israel. Many of the pre-targeted (I’ve seen the maps) facilities are located in urban areas. Iran may be about to do to Israel what Israel has done to Gaza. They indeed have the means and the provoked reasons. 

There may be other fronts as well. If, or when all of this happens, I will lament that one of those other fronts isn’t a little closer to home. Imagine, just for a second, what Forrest could accomplish with just the three aforementioned modern weapon systems. But unlike others, many of my people cannot be bothered with even the idea of preparation. And again, I do not talk to dead horses. At least the wicked rulers of the USSA will lose WW3. Come what may.

*Author’s Note: In the very likely scenario that the forces occupying my nation declare formal or informal war on the Christians of Russia or the noble people of China, Iran, or elsewhere, I will cease writing about such martial matters. My situation is slightly different from Andrei’s and I do not have to necessarily cease all operations. Accordingly, rather than report war news that few read or understand but which might anger certain annoying parties, I will instead start presenting weekly installments of a new fictional fantasy series that I’ll create on the fly. Any resemblance between the affairs in my totally fictional world and those of our reality will be completely intentional.

Deo vindice!