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The Saker wrote about the potential future of his excellent site in light of the growing prospects of full-blown global war. Read it. He has his reasons.

If the satanic states government that currently occupies my nation declares formal war on Russia and/or China, then I will probably be forced to make a similar decision. In that event, I will most likely cease writing about the war entirely (Russia, know I’m with ya!). Instead, I’ll bring you periodic short stories from a new fictional world I’ll create on the fly. What I envision is a dying empire populated by retarded dupes and ruled over by little satanic trolls. The evil trolls declare war on the good (and powerful) nations of the world. It’ll kind of be a week-by-week of how the good nations destroy the evil trolls. The cliffhanger is whether the retards ever wake up and oust the demons in order to renew their freedom. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.