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It’s Not 1859 Anymore


Last week, the empire’s rulers faced a certain crisis. Damar Hamlin was felled by the clot shot on live TeeVee, apparently entering into brain death or comatose suspension right there on the field. If he has begun to recover as reported, then hopefully some greater good may come of it. But in those terrible moments, the cameras recorded the shocked realization on the faces of his teammates and opponents that the same poison coursed in their veins. Fears grew that the dullard people might also begin to realize something wasn’t quite as “safe and effective” as promised. A diversion, any diversion was desperately needed. And one man stepped forward, the hero.

Kevin McCarthy (R – Israel) gave the peeps just enough pause to forget about whatever it was I just wrote about. The perverts, freaks, war-mongers, and retards of the GOP put on a real circus in picking McCarthy as possibly the US’s final squeaker of the house. Just kidding. We are saved now! With Republicans fully in charge, we have beaten the Dumbocrats, and that’s all that matters. Add in the specter of the 2024 presidential selection gracing a bloodthirsty Ziocon loon like war criminal John Bolton (R – Israel) (mustached to conceal his fangs), war criminal Ronny DeSantis (R – Israel), war criminal Nimrata Haley (R – Israel), or war criminal Orange Tweets (R – Israel), and a new golden age is just around the corner! Okay, now I’m kidding.

A recent CBS “news” headline read: “House speaker finally elected on 15th ballot — the most since before Civil War” They noted the similarities between last week’s clown show and the placid year of 1859. How apropos. Party like it’s 1859! They could have easily and as truthfully said it was the most leading up to a civil war. It is. 

The mentioned year is appropriate too. Many ‘Muricans, especially Southerners, mentally live in 1859. More than a few have explicitly told me so. Odds are, you have your pet year. Mine’s 1982. As Meatloaf once reminded us, “it was long ago, and it was far away, and it was so much better than it is today.” Except that, today is, in fact, today. It’s 2023, and lil’ Baby New Year is already shaping up to be a brat. The new McCarthyism (yuck, yuck) is par for the course. Let’s use the late idiocy as a predictive model or summary of things to come.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to avoid contact with conservatards, libertardians, civic nationalists, and other defectives. (It’s going about as well as avoiding mosquitoes in the Everglades). I have not directly noticed, but I imagine more than a few little political pests have already said something along the lines of, “if ain’t no speaker, then cain’t pass no lawz! No gubmint, not mo gubmint! Shutter down and keeper down!” Quaint. Fitting for 1982 or 1859. Irrelevant today. If Kongress had failed to operate all year, nothing would have changed. Practical politics in the USSA is dead, done, and over. The Dark State doesn’t even need the politicians anymore. Though it appears to be dying an accelerating death, the empire will keep on being evil until the bitter end. McCarthy will now join Brandon as one part puppet and one part jester in doing the bidding of the masters. 

Several former newspapers ran op-eds stupidly explaining how the whole pathetic spectacle really means our democracy is healthy and functional. It isn’t. The crapital Big Top show was indicative of the fact that the yankee empire is a failed state. It is, at best, utterly dysfunctional. And there is no repairing it. I suspect a growing minority of Americans, and maybe a number of not-Americans know this, even if they remain in denial. The majority, while possibly sensing that something is wrong, do not have a clue. They don’t want to find a clue, and will probably remain clueless, at least until M-84s start peppering their neighborhoods or local savages start spit-roasting children in the streets. Normies gonna normie. 

All of this is, by the way, nothing new, nor is it limited to false ‘Murican exceptionalism. 

Today we attach immense importance to the ideology of our internal politics. The Press and public media in the U.S.A. and Britain pour incessant scorn on any country the political institutions of which differ in any manner from our own idea of democracy. It is, therefore, interesting to note that the life-expectation of a great nation does not appear to be in any way affected by the nature of its institutions. 

Past empires show almost every possible variation of political system, but all go through the same procedure from the Age of Pioneers through Conquest, Commerce, Affluence to decline and collapse. 

-Sir John B. Glubb, Fate of Empires (1976)

So why do so many folks continue to invest themselves in a play-act that ended years ago? Some just can’t help it, I suppose. The national average IQ is steadily sliding toward 90. When it gets there, it will probably keep sliding toward the world average of 82. And there is, sadly, no set floor! Weak-minded or not, many people, especially on the fake, FOX “News”-trusting right, maintain a cheering interest in the trainwreck of politics because they think (to the degree that’s possible) if they keep playing along, then they can bring about a magical political solution. They do not or cannot see that by supporting the evil system, they are helping perpetuate it – to their own detriment. Some of these types have to be well-meaning, but their tactics will never work. We’ve reached the point in Glubb’s keen analysis of transitioning from decline to collapse. In perhaps more popular Star Wars geek-speak, we are where Peter Cushing’s character tells Luke’s daddy that the last vestige of the Old Republic has been swept away. The bureaucracy itself now maintains order, beholden to a nebulous and evil imperial class. The people are kept in perpetual fear by things like the common cold, stock market charades, and social media cancellation threats. The great news is that sooner or later our Death Star will blow up.

Then what? And exactly how will the darkness end? Those are two questions for which I do not have concrete answers. No one does, at present. The other day, I mentioned that we are not ready. We’re not. Neither were the good men of the South in 1859. They had, I think, an advantage over modern Americans, in that they possessed a more active spirit of faith, self-determination, and action. One will recall that those men, in only a few years, put together a new and independent nation-state. Can we do the same? Possibly, but it might be time to at least start planning for the future, instead of living in the past.

I write that kindly but sternly, as an inspiration and a warning. Our enemies have plans, sloppy and futile but existent, for our future. Their vision isn’t pleasant. Intel rumors suggest they, or their worst elements, really want to go all the way with a full-on global war. Even if they can’t gain from it, they’ll do it just to spite God and His people. They’ll expect us, our brothers, our sons, and even our daughters to do the fighting and dying for them. Allegedly, they’re already putting a recruitment plan in motion. How might that work out for humanity? I have no idea, though I strongly suggest that no American or Westerner take any further part in this madness. 

There was more, but we’ll stop here as there is still time to cover more bases.

Deo vindice!