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Orange Man had (past tense) two primary accomplishments. One, he kept the satanic states out of a major foreign war. Two, he proved beyond all doubt that the USian system is broken beyond repair. Today, both of those accomplishments stand undone due to 1) the evil of the Ziocons, and 2) the sheer stupidity of the Amerikan people. But we did just get some good news from the reversal of one of Trump’s most idiotic and illegal policies. The 5th Circus has ended the illegal ban on bump stocks that Trump illegally mandated in 2018 after another of those false flag shootings.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit handed down a 13-3 decision Friday striking down the regulatory gun control that banned bump stocks under former President Donald Trump.

The court’s decision was remarkably similar to what I wrote nearly five years ago (again, here today, or elsewhere many years later):

This isn’t merely an affront to the Second Amendment, it’s an APA-driven assault on the Article One legislative authority of Congress. I suppose none of this matters at this rather late hour.

And, nearly two years before his betrayal of his own J6 supporters, and his defeat without even a pretense of a fight against the dark state, I said of the OM Bad:

Vindicated against nonsense by the Mueller report, Trump, via his own unconstitutional actions (and all the broken or false promises), proved himself to be a lowlife sack of shit.

BTW, if you turned in your bump stocks, and/or if you continue to support Crooked Donny, then you are a fool and you will continue to reap your rewards. Otherwise, a little good news for the rest of us.

Deo vindice!