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In 2020’s GET OUT! I singled out Poland as an idyllic escape destination for any young Amerikans who wanted to avoid the present unpleasantness. While I still think and hope that Poland and most of Europe will fare better than the dying USSA, I made a mistake. Rather, 2022 demonstrated conclusively that things are deteriorating in Poland. As I wrote not too long ago, the Poles have gone full retard.

Lil’ Ze is bombing the countryside hoping to detonate fertilizer depots. Over 1,000 Polish mercenaries have been killed in the 404 for nothing. They evidently expect thousands more to die as they are hastily constructing new cemeteries just for that eventuality. Reports indicate 15,000 REGULAR Polish soldiers are on the ground and in the hell storm in Ukraine.

The Poles have been under attack by satanists for some time now. And they know it. Heretofore, they valiantly resisted. But last year, Duda and his Law and Justice cabal failed. Rather than continuing to fight, they openly and actively sided with the Werewest. Perhaps they are enamored of becoming like their larger western neighbors. Odds are, now they will. The former proud people appear to be either tolerating the slide, or welcoming it. This wicked New Year’s celebration happening not in Warsaw, but in Zakopane.

A picture that says everything. Queer vibrants wearing the devil’s rainbow and what looks like a Nazi-Batman armband cheered on in what was the heart of tranquil civilization. Poles: welcome to DIEversity.

Here’s hoping and praying they reverse course. If not, then what will be will be.

UPDATE: I realize that many games are in play, several by the Polish, to include cozying up to the Werewest for the benefits while assuming the detriments can be avoided. If some of their gambles work out and they stand fast against the in-progress cultural attacks, then things may end well. But it’s never wise to play too many games during a war which one cannot control. Time will tell.