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Mandatory schooling, whether via a scheme run by the government or by private institutions is evil, anti-Christian, and anti-civilizational. The fruits of this horrible 150-year experiment are the utter destruction of society and maleducation that manifests essentially as mental retardation. That was part of the plan, along with producing generations of docile robot workers, and breaking the Christian family unit. At the end, the system has gone completely insane and is basically cannibalizing itself (and your children).

Genocide is upon us. It’s looking like civil war, slavery, or death. The economy has collapsed. A tiny elite clique of satanists is taking the world perilously close to nuclear annihilation. But never mind any of that. The GAO wasted Lord knows how much time and money producing a 60-page REPORT about how unfair fake school dress codes are to slovenly hipsters, proto-prostitutes, and assorted not-Americans.

The need for school dress codes is often tied to health and safety, as
schools continue to grapple with how best to keep school communities
safe. However, researchers and officials from national organizations have
noted that some dress codes may create a less equitable and safe
environment for some students, especially girls, Black students, and
LGBTQI+ students. Specifically, common aspects of dress code
policies—such as taking measurements of students’ bodies and
clothing—may make school less safe for girls, in particular. Although
Education offers resources on ways schools can support racial, cultural,
and gender equity in general, and on school safety and climate, these
resources do not include information or examples about dress codes.
Given the prevalence of dress codes in public schools and the negative
impact poorly designed dress codes can have on students, Education has
an opportunity to further its goal of promoting safe, supportive learning environments for all students by providing schools and districts with
information on designing equitable and safe dress codes.

There is wide recognition that exclusionary discipline, such as in-school
and out-of-school suspensions, and the resulting lost instructional time,
are associated with significant, negative educational and other long-term
impacts for students. Schools that enforce strict dress codes have higher
rates of exclusionary discipline, which research has shown
disproportionately affects certain students. In addition, schools may
remove students “informally” from the classroom or use different types of
non-exclusionary discipline to enforce dress code violations, but these
measures are often unreported. As a result, the prevalence and impact of
these discipline practices are largely unknown. Education is uniquely
positioned to collect nationwide information on informal removals and
non-exclusionary discipline and inform future data collection and research
that captures a broader range of disciplinary actions and their effect on
student engagement and well-being. Accurate records and research on
disciplinary actions, including less severe types of discipline, are critical
for ensuring all students have equal access to educational opportunity, a
central component of Education’s mission.

It’s retarded and wicked, but do take a little time to look through the whole thing. See exactly what your public “servants” are fighting for. Things like exposed underwear – on children. In the name of “equity”.

It’s time to dress down the entire system by ending it. Start by actually teaching your children the way God instructed. The way that worked perfectly well for thousands of years. That means assisting them as they learn at home. H-O-M-E-S-C-H-O-O-L. Homeschool or die and death to the satanic system!