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Or at least, a conspiracy theory is usually no more than truth about reality in advance. Good Old MB McCart covers the unfolding mania of the Twitter Files.

So not only was there the collusion between Twitter & the feds that we saw in earlier parts, we now know that the federal government WAS PAYING Twitter! Millions of dollars!

At first, detractors of TTF were simply brushing it aside as a nothingburger though just months ago they were saying implications of this collusion was simply in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

So, the usual, just straight up gaslighting…

It’s going to be a lot harder to spin things now, but I’m sure they’ll do their best.

And as a quick aside, how many conspiracy theories are going to have to be proven true until some finally get the memo?


But just wait until TTF picks up on Covid, which is supposed to be coming very soon.

I feel as if shit’s about to get really real moving forward.

Read the whole thing. Note his sub-header is, “Your federal government hates you.” Ain’t that the truth? Of course, come what may, being hated by evil people is a good thing. Onwards!