The other side doesn’t even understand Christianity. From a hit piece on review of Andrew Torba’s new book:

Churches have a long history of acting as conduits of temporal power. Recently, Pope Francis denounced “the sirens of populism” and has consistently voiced support for the current globalist regime. “Render unto Caesar,” as the Bible says. Of course, the initial reference was regarding the legitimacy of paying taxes. But when Caesar became a German warlord, Christians became warlike and somehow found justifications for murderous conquest. When Caesar became a merchant, Christians found arguments to justify commerce. Now that Caesar has become a globalist-backed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer, many Christian churches have dutifully flown the rainbow flag.

There is no such thing as “Pope Francis.” Any “church” that promotes the world’s view of diversity, inclusion, equality, or the devil’s rainbow isn’t Christian. And “render unto Caesar” did not and does not refer to the legitimacy of taxation. Rather, it was Christ’s way of calling out the Pharisees as blasphemous hypocrites. The rest is just as false and nonsensical.

I’d take Torba as A representative of the Protestant side of CN. However, I did not know Nick Fuentes represents Catholics. Then again, they’re just making this up as they go. And back to the Pharisees, if a satanist is calling one “bad” names, then one must be doing something right. I think that, along with a general disdain for Christianity and Jesus Christ, is what drives the anti-CN forces. But we were told to expect all of this. The attacks only provide further validation of the truth within Christian Faith.