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This is a great interview!

Among many intelligent observations, including the new “iron curtain,” he briefly discussed the plight of Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine hardly can be rebuilt. First of all, much of its population has left, and is unlikely to return, given the destruction of housing and infrastructure – and husbands.

Second, Ukraine is owned mainly by a narrow group of kleptocrats – who are trying to sell out to Western agricultural investors and other vultures. (I think you know who they are.)

Ukraine is already debt-ridden, and has become a fiefdom of the IMF (meaning in practice, of NATO). Europe will be asked to “contribute,” and the foreign reserves seized from Russia may be spent on hiring U.S. companies to make a financial killing rebuilding a pretense of an economy in Ukraine – leaving the country even more debt ridden.

A new Democratic Party secretary of state will echo Madeline Albright and say that the killing of Ukraine’s economy, children and soldiers “was all worth it” as the cost of spreading democracy U.S.-style.

If Russia actually subjugates all of Ukraine, then there may be a grand opportunity for a new industrialized solution. Russia could tell the Werewestern banksters to go to hell, cancel the fake debts, reclaim all the stolen resources, and rebuild with an eye towards operational society. Such would serve the interests of all concerned people, and not the evil overlords of the dead West, it would serve as a great example of renewed modern civilization, and it would cause the evil-doers unending grief. Many wins. So, even as those held captive in the remains of the West suffer, they should still be grateful that elsewhere, people are rising. Read the whole thing.