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I’m not sure who Greg Johnson is, but as he was on Twitter, he’s probably isn’t that smart. I found this video courtesy of Ron Unz’s site. Allegedly, it is part or all of the Tweet that got Johnson banned from Elon’s spy site for dimwits. In it, Johnson correctly says the unsayable about the inordinate power and influence Jews wield in the USSA. (I watched but did not listen to it). But his video only showcases the Jews, some of them, from Hollywood – and not even the ones in charge of things. People have to get over the hang-up: it’s not always da joooooos, and it’s never all of them. If one needs to name specific names, then one should do so. There are plenty of examples, particularly in government, finance, and the media. I suppose he wanted to show some actors because more ‘Muricans would recognize them. But, then he had to lump Gal Gadot in. One does not lump GG in with anything negative. Because GG.

I have no idea whether Johnson is or claims to be a Christian. If he is, then he (and the rest of us) should perhaps keep a closer eye on the Churchian fakes before worrying about the rather decent Chris Pine, the lovely Scarlett Johansson, or even the wreck of Harvey Weinstein. Vox Day and John McArthur noticed the open and declared evil of Joel Osteen. So maybe name the right names, among all wicked or just bad groups. Whatever, make damn certain to leave Wonder Woman out of it. Because GG.

UPDATE: the text of McArthur’s sermon.