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Compare and contrast the ways in which the Yankee empire treats the “independence” of Kosovo to its treatment of the people of the Donbass regions. Any agreements with the USSA or the EU are worthless.

Moscow is “alarmed” by the mounting tensions in Kosovo, which are the fault of “radical” ethnic Albanian authorities in the breakaway Serbian province and their Western sponsors, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday.

Authorities in Pristina have undertaken a “series of provocations” with the connivance of the US and the EU, using “ethnically motivated violence” to target the remaining Serbs in the province, Zakharova told reporters.

Instead of pressuring the ethnic Albanians to abide by the signed agreements, the US and the EU have “blatantly sabotaged” the Brussels document, while preferring the “vicious practice” of bullying and blaming the Kosovo Serbs, Zakharova noted.

Historically, bad things have been known to come out of conflicts in the Balkans. Vucic and Co. would do well to abandon serious negotiation with scofflaw parties and instead concentrate on serious people like the Russians and the Chinese. And decent people, if any, at Camp Bondsteel might do well to abandon the fort ere long.