The wonderful Anne Wilson Smith penned a great movie review of sorts over at Reckonin‘. She wrote: “It can be difficult for a layperson such as myself to distinguish ‘conspiracy theories’ from legitimate issues, especially about a topic [the clot shot] that is so fraught with controversy.” First, there are few laypersons like Anne. Second, there’s nothing to worry about with “conspiracy theories.” Easy-peasy. A conspiracy theory, anymore and concerning anything important, is no more than the truth in advance. It’s always been that way.

The phrase, or the semi-conjoined deployment of the base words, has been around for ages. However, they found popular traction, among deniers of the truth, in an April Fool’s Day 1967 secret memo from the CIA, Countering Criticism of the Warren Report. In it, the Company heads note that not everyone believed the official narrative about President Kennedy’s murder, and that some suggested impropriety on the part of the agency. Among many suspicions, was the allegation the CIA mishandled information or misled the Warren Commission. The memo references “conspiracy theories,” and offers advice on defeating them. Obviously, the house resolution was to simply and repeatedly address them by those two words. The practice rapidly spread to every corner of discussion where someone nefarious wanted to hide something or where some idiot wanted a shield against copious reading or thinking.

The term entered the popular vernacular soon thereafter, as seen here:

The 1967 memo was declassified years later. And a few years after that, another declassified file revealed that, of course, the CIA had mishandled information and misled the Warren Commission. The conspiracy theories were just the truth decades in advance. However, by the time the truth became known and available, mere mention of it, to the dialect-proof, became just another conspiracy theory. See what they did there? It works very well to obscure uncomfortable things.

Operation 9/11-Woods: The only full engineering report ever compiled proved beyond any doubt that WTC7 was brought down with controlled demolition. Idiot’s verdict: conspiracy theory. It will remain so even after the CIA or Mossad finally spills the beans in exact detail.

Satanic Panic: It was real, it really happened, everything the kids said was right, the FBI knew at the time, the FBI covered it all up, and the redactions indicate something even worse was working in the background. Yet, when I reported at TPC the October 2019 revelation with a link straight to the FBI’s own 600-page report, some midwit babbled about me denying the moon landings.

The Moon Landings: While I have never denied the operation, NASA’s own 1970s spectrographic chemical analysis of the “moon rocks” did. Verdict: guess.

THE Hoax: Almost immediately, the evidence was there. Winter 2020 Asian studies confirmed what was later revealed in the Fauci emails, which included the exact recipe for making the first stage bioweapon. All of the numbers were rigged. The math did not figure. All dissent was suppressed. Case Nightmare Kitty. Now, years later, all serious cases and deaths are limited to those gullible enough to trust known liars concerning a known poison. Et cetera. Yet … even today, conspiracy theory.

*Here, a helpful heuristic: when the information comes from a “trusted source” that has only ever lied, it may be safely discarded. If or when a wolf ever does appear, that’s on the boy. This general principle would appear to also apply to literal crackpots with legitimately wild and unconventional ideas (e.g. the moon really is made of green cheese, or reptilians built the pyramids). Yet, notice that no one in the mainstream ever attacks them and the furthest-fetched, impossible theories. There’s no need. They only hammer that which is or points to the truth. I think it’s something they got from their father.

NATO v RUSSIA: We’re asked to ignore 8-9, 30, and 800 years of repetitive history and listen only to the lies of the chain: SBU-MI6-CIA-MSM. That all observable facts disprove everything they say is no matter. The fact that many of their lies are visibly self-disproving is no matter. Narrative! Otherwise, it’s a conspiracy theory, Russian hacking, and maybe Hitler.

And on and on and on…

How to handle the truth averse and the foolish in the future? The Good Book advises us to refrain from discourse with the simple minded. Try hard rhetoric, and if that fails, just ignore them. With their extremely limited attention spans, they soon go away, off to deny some other plausible notion.