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A Country Called “America”


Over the weekend, I had the misfortune of speaking with a boomercon, civnat critter. It recited to me, like a parrot after cheap crackers, that we must “trust science.” No, wait, it was, “democrats are the real racists.” No, hang on, the platitudes all look alike… It told me, with grave sincerity, that this election (yesterday’s) was the most important political exercise in the recorded history of mankind. For my part, I muttered something about pillows as I quickly departed.

But, y’all done had that most importantest of all elections, right? I’m sure everything is fixed now. No?

Okay, back in reality, we have entered into an epoch of massive and harsh change. Things are moving right on along, and there is no stopping what is in progress. Martin Armstrong sees, based on detailed modeling, where it’s all going.

The United States will not exist after 2032. After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch. America is being destroyed,” he explicitly warned [Greg Hunter].

He said that before the precious election. There’s no doubt he’ll retract now that we have a shiny, new cabal of freaks, warmongers, liars, retards, and other Republicants saving the day. Or not. I’ve written about this over the past few years. Vox Day called it back in 2004: “America is dead. Let us go, then, and find her.”

Let us go, then! This is overdue, but at least I’m doing it – I hereby offer the broad-stroke beginnings of a new government for a new America. Keep in mind that this is a hypothetical sketch. Some of it, of course, is bound to change. Should one have other ideas, then now is the time to start presenting and discussing them.

The (New) American Federation

Our new polity occupies the territory currently known as Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I might as well rope in northerly portions of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and give the West Virginians a second chance. The Federation is an area of roughly 230,000 square miles with a potential population of about 35-40 million people. It goes without saying that certain current areas can and should separate from the new state (Memphis, Virginian metro DC, etc.). There probably will be a necessary population exchange wherein Americans from other areas enter New America while assorted not-Americans depart for other new states. My model kindly assumes that the breaking of the US and the rebuilding will be peaceful. It won’t be, but I’m just planting pleasant ideas. We’ll say that the new American Federation hosts 30 million Americans in 225,000 square miles. I drew up a crude map but decided it was unnecessary. Very crude. Third-grade art class-looking.

The Federation is just that, a loose association of several sovereign nation-states, joined together, voluntarily and at will under something akin to the old US Articles of Confederation of 1777. The primary purpose of the superstate is the mutual defense of the member nations. And little else. I advise we not get too caught up in the details at this point, as almost all powers and functions of government are retained by the member nations, which I will quaintly dub “Republics.” And since I’m the one organizing this thing, with the tacit approval of Machiavelli, I will insist on member-state base structures modeled on the Venetian Republic. 

That means, say in the new Republic of South Carolina, a twin legislature composed of an elected (or lottery-drawn) Senate, balanced by a hereditary Council. There is no Concio because to quote Yoda, “suffering too much democracy leads to.” And no courts, beyond Romanesque magistrates to efficiently adjudicate trivial civil matters and misdemeanor crimes. All major matters and felonies, along with any appeals of magisterial decisions, are decided by the Senate, the Council, or the King. Yes, there is a monarch – appointed and overseen by the Council. Should any of this sound alien, then look up the original. Note its longevity and prosperity.

I sense this exploratory foray could easily drift esoteric, so I will add a few notes and then sum up core principles related to law and society, attempting to properly conform them to the vaunted order of identity over culture over politics.

  • By “Americans”, I mean Americans as defined by the founding documents and early laws of the former US, the common understanding of the late 18th century, and the dictionary definition, circa 1828. Christianity shall be the explicit, sole, official religion of the new American nation(s). There’s plenty of time to address minority populations and exact parameters. Et cetera, and so forth. I envision a 95%+ homogeneous demographic because I’d like the thing to work. One lingering benefit of the dying US is its vast size, providing plenty of room for all manner of alliance, diversity, and/or exclusivity. Should one find my invention distasteful, rest assured there will likely be other options.
  • Any and all forms of satanism shall be absolutely prohibited and shall be capital felonies.
  • Money shall be real money, actually based on something of intrinsic value. All forms of fake, nonexistent, and debt-based currency shall be absolutely prohibited. Dealing in anything other than real, legal money shall be a felony. Dealing in any form or amount of usury shall be a capital felony. 
  • Infanticide, serious degeneracy, and other malidies of the kind that wrecked the former America shall be capital felonies. (I really want our little baby to last).
  • There shall simply be nothing like the old Nineteenth Amendment. Nor shall there be anything like the 16th, 17th, Federal Reserve Act, Dick Act, or the Celler-ite Curse of ‘65. Ever.

This could go on and on. It will, in time, and it will encompass the militia, education, lots of happy children, puppies, sunsets, and much more. For now, here are the draft principles of the new nation(s), a list that may someday become known as Perrin Lovett Thought. Extra credit if one can correctly guess who I stole the notions from.

  1. To ensure classical, Christian, Western leadership over all forms of public work and life in America.
  2. The leadership of America shall take a citizen-centric approach for the public interest of the American people and to honor God the Father of Jesus Christ.
  3. The leadership shall continue to stamp out all vestiges of former corruption and wickedness.
  4. God’s science and logic shall provide the basis for innovation, development, and a happy, clean environment.
  5. Societal Christian governance with American characteristics: the American people are the ultimate masters of the country and the servants of God.
  6. America shall be governed by the rule of law.
  7. Exercise core Western values, Christianity, Greco-Roman legality, and European tradition, with American characteristics.
  8. Improving Americans’ livelihood, well-being, and hardihood is the primary goal of development, innovation, and order.
  9. America shall coexist well with God’s natural creation and contribute to ecological harmony – pack it in, pack it out.
  10. The national security of America: the leadership and the people shall keep America great (again) by keeping America American.
  11. The Senate, the Council, and King, acting on behalf of the American people, shall have absolute command over America’s military, security, intelligence, and police forces.
  12. America shall promote the peaceable reformation of all American-esque areas of the former United States while fostering placid development with and among all other peoples in or of the former United States.
  13. Leadership shall promote a common, unentangled destiny between the American people and other peoples among the sovereign nations of the world via peaceful international relations.
  14. Americans shall all strive to better themselves, safeguard their nation, and honor their God.

Yeah … needs work. There is a lot more to discuss, iron out, and prepare for. 2028 will be here sooner than most would like. Time is running a little short, but we still have time. Onwards!

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PERRIN LOVETT is a novelist, author, and small-time meddler. The revised edition of his groundbreaking work, THE SUBSTITUTE, the foremost education commentary, action novel ever scribbled, will be available from Shotwell Publishing very, very soon. He is a loveable, unobtrusive somewhat-right-wing Christian nationalist residing somewhere in Dixie. A sometimes podcaster and columnist, he might have been involved in that incident in the private bar of the Mayflower Hotel during the immediate aftermath of the implementation of Operation Northwoods. Find his ramblings at www.perrinlovett.me. Deo Vindice!