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All Quiet On The Werewestern Front


Something is coming. Something is already happening. 

Lately, I’ve been making fun of the Sludge Report and it’s ridiculous excuse for aggregate reporting. Along with all the other hype and hysteria, ever since March they’ve been running the same, tired, and false lines about Russia being or becoming defeated. Then, over the weekend, it all dried up and blew away. In lieu of “Putin’s Cancer has COVID” or “Russia Drafts Terrified Toddlers” or “Evil Russians Use Last Missile To Kill Puppies,” all we get in Ye, Donny 45, ancient quarterbacks, and the very important and surely not rigged mid-term election. They have tried to shift a little of the Putin propaganda towards Xi, but as most ‘Muricans don’t know who he is, those efforts fall a little flat.

Your author thinks, again, that the new silence has something to do with Russia unleashing the renewed air game last week – despite our having been assured Russia was finished and incapable of any offensive maneuvers. By the way, as of my writing time, those missile strikes have not abated. They’re extremely effective.

Several things are happening, now and perhaps as a prelude to the winter fun to come. The MOD is pounding the 404 in order to disrupt and destroy what’s left of Ze’s chain of command, and to introduce the civilian population to life without electricity and modern convenience. Think of it as tough love; According to Gen. Sergey Surovikin: “The enemy is the criminal regime that pushes Ukrainian citizens towards death. We are one people with Ukrainians and only wish for Ukraine to be a state independent from the West and NATO and friendly towards Russia.” At the same time, the slow, steady grinding away against the very few functioning Ukie combat units in the east continues. The situation is grim to say the least. And it’s going to get much worse. Evidently, Kiev is beginning to even run out of foreign (NATO) advisers, meddlers, and mercenary stormtroopers. As an aside, someone very recently admitted to me that “our guys” are, in fact, over there – no surprise – and that they have been since 2014 – also not such a surprise. I let him tell me though; and I kept quiet about the following. 

The 300,000 Russian reservists are mobilizing and nearing deployment. I suspect they will mainly serve as MPs, peacekeepers, border guards, anti-terrorism moppers, and general back-up. This will allow the bulk of the already committed regulars to proceed with something very serious. As a reminder, relatively few of these troops, percentage-wise, have been heretofore committed, directly, in-theater. The majority of them have been lurking on the borders and in Belarus like they’re waiting for something (possibly something really stupid from NATO). 

Joining them in Belarus, this week, are around thousands of officers who specialize in command and control. What exactly will they be commanding? Something, obviously. There’s more hardware flowing in as well – to multiple fronts. The “defeated” Russians sure have a lot of extra tanks, APCs, support vehicles, and aircraft – trainload after trainload of them – lying around. It’s almost like the MSM has been lying to us all year!

Again, exactly what all these men, officers, and equipment will do is a mystery. As is the timing. Things are already moving and many suspect the MOD is just waiting for cooler weather before releasing the hounds. A new phase is coming sometime between now and the guessed window of November through March. Thus, the following bits are mere speculation on my part.

The demilitarization and deNazification will proceed apace, and the pace will probably quicken. I’m looking for Medvedev’s spring-summer map to materialize, with at least an area from Kharkiv down to Odessa to fully join the Russian Federation. I’ll leave any estimation about the future of the Bandera’d western third of Ukraine for another day. It’s the central part of the country, where liddle Ze’s drag club is located, that’s the interesting part. Or one of the interesting parts.

I seriously expect a rather dramatic move against the illegitimate Kiev regime. Ze never had any authority to either govern or negotiate, and Putin has mostly given up trying to accomplish the latter point with a puppet. The rumored big ultimatum may drop, but its acceptance by Kiev and NATO is not necessary. Politics with (not “by”) other means means diplomacy supplemented with action, each freely moving as needed. Here, the free movement might lead to the disposition of Ze. By removing him and his gang of thugs things will either get much easier for Russia in pacifying and subduing the rest of the country, or else it will move things in a different direction.

Note that the Chinese, the Indians, and others from the Russia-friendly, sovereign camp obviously know something like this is at hand or right around the corner. That’s probably why they have hastily demanded all of their people to evacuate Ukraine immediately – embassy and consular staff included. That is a warning sign; the Beijing canary is having a fit. New Delhi’s too; M.K. Bhadrakumar informed his government that “India should expect the defeat of the US and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order.” He’s not alone in his conclusion.

Another interesting possibility, and one related to that different direction, is if the action is no longer contained within Ukraine. Everyone knows this is NATO’s war, not Kiev’s. NATO has brazenly attacked Russia again and again, as they have done for years and even decades (it goes back much earlier than 2014). Will Russia repay the favor? If so, when and how? And where?

The Euro poodles are getting cold feet. They’re facing a terrible winter with low food and fuel supplies. They’ve greatly depleted what weapons they had – for nothing. They’ve been publicly stabbed in the back by the US (NS 1 & 2). And they must know they’ve made the Russians powerfully angry – for nothing. This does not bode well. But it may explain why Germany is suddenly not so keen on shoveling more MOD targets into the 404 and why Macron just said that if Russia goes nuclear, then France will not necessarily react in kind. It’s like they’ve belatedly decided some de-escalation is in order.

For what it’s worth, Russia has no interest in or plans to go nuclear – at least, not in a first-strike capacity. They have no need and they generally abhor superfluous destruction. However, the fact that the MSM has been ignorantly crying about the nonexistent nuke wolf might indicate something. The only people evil and crazy enough to use nuclear weapons are the people who already have. Watch out for the satanists in and around DC, and to a lesser degree, their fellow travelers in London. 

If a nuke goes off anywhere near Ukraine – and, I really don’t foresee that as a likely scenario – then it will almost 100% indicate a super false flag by the Werewest. The details aren’t even worth discussing, as they are completely unknown. However, if it happens, then this thing could go from a schoolyard fight to Armageddon in about thirty minutes. While such a synopsis would be terrible for all, it might well be terminal for the US. Both Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnson now join me in predicting, based of technical offensive and defensive capabilities, the US could outright lose a nuclear exchange with Russia. Mutually Assured Destruction is no longer mutual.

*(Blowing up the dam above Kherson might accomplish the same level of terrorism).

But, relax a little. It’s much more probable that a direct RUS-NATO conflict will be limited and conventional. It’s in everyone’s better interest that it does not happen. But if it does, then the universal interest becomes short duration. Russia has other, more civilized things to do, and NATO really cannot afford the losses.

Again, even as things go fully kinetic, the details are still speculative. And so, we wait. This winter promises to be many things. Quiet isn’t one of them.

*Also: Dragan Filipovic’s excellent take on where we are and how we got here. This includes why the satanists who conquered the West hate Putin, why they hated JFK, and it even includes the disappeared Deagel 2025 forecast.

*Also: Gen. Surovikin’s public address on matters.

**Also: for nuclear false flag purposes, a “dirty nuke” is a nuke.