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I am ever so happy to still stand by my call, early in 2020, that the C19 fake pandemic was a “ridiculous, low-effort hoax”. Yes, it was a biowarfare campaign, likely with 2 billion victims, but it was still a bullshit hoax relying on active victim participation. The victims gleefully, blindly did their part; thus, the low-effort part.

Literally everything the “officials” and “experts” told us was a lie. It was literally fiction, written by the entertainment industry.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been exposed running the most disturbing and elaborate propaganda campaign in living memory. Screen writers, comedians, influencers and church leaders, among others, were recruited and paid to promote Covid-19 vaccines to the masses, while ridiculing and shaming those who refuse the jab.

Judicial Watch has nailed it yet again, suing HHS to acquire a treasure trove of documents that reveal the world’s most exhaustive and heavily funded propaganda campaign to try to convince the oblivious masses to be injected with an experimental mRNA concoction.

They’ve done the same thing with the war on Russia, the fake war on terror, Nine-Eleven-Woods, Big Boi Floyd, demographic replacement, compulsory education, the economy, politics, and everything else. If it comes from the government, the government’s media, the “experts,” or the mass entertainment complex, one may safely conclude it is a lie. One would also be safe to assume the truth is the exact opposite of whatever is officially stated.