One hesitates to use the terms “fake Christian.” But…

The churchians are the kind of fools who sacrifice their own governments, freedoms, and nations for retarded nonsense like anti-BDS laws. “Anti-boycott laws are a dystopian nightmare” They are that and more, and yes, the churchians are joined in their moronic faith in this foolishness by other wicked heathens of various stripes.

These are the same kinds of people who could not read this article – because they do not know or care about German, European, of world affairs in general, they have never heard of Henry Morgenthau, Jr. … and they can’t read … or think.

And, the churchians will bend over backwards to promote evidence of the self-inflicted curse they are living under. They inevitably support the enemy.

Pastor Anthony George didn’t set out to be a defender of Herschel Walker.

But as the prominent Baptist minister welcomed Walker into his church this week for a scheduled prayer event with faith leaders, George found himself making the Christian case for supporting a candidate whose Senate campaign has been marred by personal scandal.

What matters most, he said, is what Walker is promising to do once he’s elected.

“I think that any Christian who engages in the political process — and especially someone who’s a pastor — you’re always going to be confronted with someone that is either less than ideal, or something that flat-out contradicts what you believe in,” George said in an interview.

It’s one thing to forgive a sinner – that’s all of us – who genuinely repents and stops the sinful behavior (that’s fewer of us). And it’s another thing to welcome a converted foreigner, enemy, or “other” into one’s camp. However, the judeo-churchian-republican’ts have the disturbing habit of taking those kinds of people, frequently one and the same, and immediately making them leaders of the movement. Even if (or especially if(?)) doing so means it “flat-out contradicts what you believe in”. One wonders what, if anything, they actually believe in the first place. One suspects the answers do not include Jesus Christ, Christendom, the nations, civilization, and reason.

This is why these people always lose – embracing a curse means embracing defeat. Do not do that.