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Another General Look Around


Hello and happy Wednesday. It’s another week for a weak column. Not finding any one issue to hone in on, I decided to rapid-fire through several. Here goes.

An Update On World War Three

It’s all over for Vladimir Putin and Russia. Russia has lost. The game changed. Moloch claims total victory. That is, if one reads and trusts the Hasbara tripe pushed by what passes for a media in the NATO-US world. 

The headlines at the left-wing tabloid Sludge Report said it all yesterday: Russia on the Run! Turning Point in War! Putin Humiliated!

Previously, Sludge, MI6, and the NWO told us Russia was defeated mid-March, just after Putin nuked Chernobyl for the seventh time despite his having died four times from cancer. HIMARS highly effective, or something. Hey, look! My Pillow man! All the bullshit fit to digitize.

Ukrainian forces – numbering considerably less than one-million – swooped into a mostly-empty area smaller than Rhode Island where most of them met untimely ends. A few well-placed missile strikes temporarily took parts of Kharkiv down to Jackson, Mississippi levels of utility service – temporarily, and minus the violent crime and hopeless chaos, that is. It almost looks like a feint and a trap set by the MOD. But since idiot ‘Muricans will believe anything (except the truth), then yeah, total victory. When Russia eventually wins the whole ball of wax, one assumes the propagandists will definitively state the opposite and the dupes will believe it. Tiresome.

Elsewhere, China continues the unrestricted game. The Middle East is alarmingly quiet. The midgets next to the Caspian squabble again. And, Georgia considers a plebiscite for action against Russia, which would easily become a pleb-i-cide. In the USSA, the DOD is prepared to fight a two-front war: against heteronormative cis-patriarchy on the one limp wrist, and SNAP for food insecurity on the other. But Marshall sent ND packing, so—

2 + 2 = their write they’re…

In the “nation’s” crapital, reeding and maff pofishenty finally reached Detroit levels! Many, many thanks to the Corona Hoax. Way back in 2019, if one can remember such ancient times, one out of every hundred “students” in DC “schools” could read. Roughly one in a thousand could add. This year, it was discovered that only one child in the system was mildly intelligent. That child, a young Asian girl, was lured into a bathroom by a trans jogger, blessed with diversity, and disabused of any academic inclinations. Amen, and awoman.

The Wall of Separation

America was, as recently as fifty years ago, a ninety-plus percent Christian country. A few, just a few, just a very, very few, little things … have … changed… Based on recent surveying, Pew estimates what’s left of America will be majority atheist or NOT-Christian in less than another fifty years. And that may be an overly-optimistic timeline. And it may be a lucky outcome, given that satandom is rising about as fast as Christendom is falling. It’s almost like … hey! Did you know App State also “Marshalled” somebody?!

She is the Russians of Swing!

Good news! Great news! By far, the best news in this pitiful excuse of a column! If you were waiting on “Gamazda” to cover Dire Straits, then wait no longer!

The Shrinking of the Old Guard

Bad news. He was the lawyer’s lawyer and the judge’s judge. He was a rarity, being in but not of the system. He, to the end, believed in the grandeur and the integrity of the Old Republic – whether it really lived or not. 

The humble, wise, and kind Ken Starr died on Tuesday. 

I first met Mr. Starr in Washington in the fall of 2001. And I ran into him and his lovely Alice multiple times during the next few years. (Somewhere, I have some photos from an ancient Fed-Soc function or three). He was everything any of the decent accolades this week say he was. And more. He was a good man, our man, and we are rapidly running out of his kind. The leadership of the younger generations, if any, must look to his poise, dedication, and sincerity if they are ever to be effective. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Ken.

That, I think, does it for this week.