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Or, I might say “Catholics for Anti-Pope Fwancis.”

As if in response to my column yesterday, the Churchian Catholics OF the World share their own views about NOT obeying the clear commandments of Jesus Christ and His Father. See: What Does the Bible Say About Student Loan Forgiveness? by a Kody Cooper at Crisis. Kody quotes a few of the scriptural and secondary sources I did, and then ignores them all in favor of some BoomerCon nonsense. See, kids, God, Schod! It’s all about the … CONSTITUTION! The Republic! Other meaningless words…

One can safely assume that these types care even less about the future of society and know even less about economics and law than they do about Christianity. Not that it matters much at this very late hour.

All is not completely lost at Crisis. Eric Sammons was a little more honest in his column.

If faithful Catholic colleges don’t make these changes, they may very well find that the market for their services has dried up. What started as a government program to push everyone to college may end up spelling the end of faithful Catholic colleges.

I think we’re down to exactly 2 FAITHFUL Catholic colleges in the US, both in NH. If one understands that the present system is utterly satanic and only has destruction as a goal, then it’s not hard to see that they want an end to formal education, Catholic and otherwise. It was a dire mistake to ever participate in their madness. Yes, make those changes immediately.

Jubilee now!