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DIA hack neocon Rebekah Koffler ran a hilarious excuse of an article at the NY Post which consists of nothing but lies, projection, and maybe a little jealousy. The section denigrating Maria Zakharova says it all.

Maria Zakharova is the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman and one of the most colorful personalities in Putin’s circle. At 46, she is the first female spokesperson in the history of Russia’s Foreign Ministry and has held the job since 2015. Half warrior-half seductress, Zakharova is known for her combative communication style and the quick-witted barbs that she likes to deploy against Western officials, often laden with sexual innuendo. By day, Zakharova’s briefings are filled with Putin’s lies — such as portraying Ukraine as being overrun by Nazis and in need of immediate liberation by Russian forces. By night, she floods social media with suggestive selfies wearing bright red lipstick and provocatively poses in strapless dresses. In early July, Zakharova posted a sexy video of herself fondling two strawberries with her mouth and tongue to the tune of the patriotic Russian song “Kalinka,” performed by the Red Army Choir.

But the main targets of Putin’s propaganda minister are the Biden Administration, US democracy, and Western values in general. Last month, Zakharova posted on her Telegram channel a bizarre photo of two transgender Biden Administration officials, Dr. Rachel Levine, assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services, and Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary responsible for nuclear issues within the Department of Energy. In the photo, which was taken at the French ambassador’s Bastille Day party, Rachel Levine sported a “masculine”-styled admiral’s uniform, while Sam Brinton wore a more “feminine”-looking blue, floral patterned dress with a sweetheart neckline, blazer, and blue, strappy heels. “Answer this question honestly: are these the values you would like to impart on your children? Or shall we put up a fight for our own?,” wrote Zakharova, mocking Western liberalism and democracy.

Got that? The “conservative” voice of the dark state says a stunningly beautiful and very smart woman is bad. And a couple of deranged freaks represent the great Western values of liberalism and democracy. Of course, Koffler didn’t bother to honestly answer the question. BTW, the answer is: “Hell no! We must keep lunacy away from our children and adults alike. Fight on!” This idiocy is transparent and brings to life the (former) meme of “[liberals – commies – Russians – etc.] are the REEEEEAL transphobes!”

“Conservatives” are the fake right side of the DS uniparty. Do not trust them and never call yourself one.

Z! As in Zakharova.